Distraught Abiding by Patricia Walsh


Siphoning dust at a rate of equals,
this chapel cannot contain the popular,
fantasy cheque at its most diligent
girls under roses a thorny victory.

Not wishing to pile-drive, efforts notwithstanding
feeble tests on the trustworthy ring over again,
mocked to indifference a sturdy outcome
dissipated into water coming form the sky.

Most live with the hardship that arrogance brings,
snapping at each other like a turtle suspect,
bloodied into the coma that it is proffered to,
solid history not even realising the skies.

The one constant is change. How the loved works
sardonically rubbishing a very valid point
called upon to expedite, over a pricey coffee,
once gone, so is the voice, some genius circles.

This proper order, invited at a glitch,
contained in righteous buildings over complication,
these thing not being you, assassinated character,
beholding what’s respectable into the trite.

Overjoyed employment, tempting more fate,
cheating perfection in an opportune haste,
falsely declaring the hardened wedding speech,
a studied sarcasm belies the stumbling gaze.


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