Kintsugi and A Farewell to Arms by Caroline Middleditch

At first glance we cannot comprehend
Beautiful brokenness we feel compelled to fix, to mend
When something breaks, we foolishly decide
It’s lost it’s worth, should be discarded, should be put away, should hide

But what if it isn’t a fractured something?
What if it’s a damaged someone instead?
Would you urge that person to withdraw?
To live with their struggles inside their head?

Asymmetric and shattered, each of us has earned our place on this earth
When we view our lives and those around us as being of great worth
We open up for others and ourselves,
there’s the opportunity for beauty to transpire
For the Kintsugi potters’ skilled hands of repair to set the world on fire!

But we rarely see ourselves like this, because we live by our competencies
When brokenness comes to the fore we hide, and we deny or worse we call brokenness a disease

Stop, stop and help please!

If you see a life in shambles and yet, not hidden away
Tell that person you admire them for their courage, their openness, don’t keep them at bay
Instead offer them your love, your brushes, your gold, your glue
And don’t stop there ask if there’s anything else you can do

Hold them in tenderness and understanding
Don’t hurry them, don’t be demanding
Allow them to create beautiful amber glints and gleams
Within their truly unique cobweb of exquisite seams

You’ll find there is no “us” and “them”; it is “we”
Out of their great need, we too become free

In the process of repair something rare is created
A phoenix grows out of the fire if we’ve patiently waited
Dazzling and resilient no victim of circumstances
Bolder and stronger and grabbing life’s chances

The Kintsugi potters see impermanence as something sublime
They know the unexpected happens, change happens all the time
They appreciate that nobody gets through this world in one piece,
That doesn’t have to diminish us, it doesn’t cause us to cease

Our cracks are part of our history
They made us better, they made us stronger, they made us somebody new
They made me me and they made you you

May we look beyond the brokenness that crowds out our love
May we see in others what we would want others to see in us
Kintsugi of awesome brilliance and worth


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