Summer Returns by Karen Fried



Summer, your heat seeps

into my cold bones.

You bake my worn body

and bring vitality back.

Winter weariness sheds.

Bright light surrounds me like a halo

I melt into your sunshine.

feeling it wrap around me like a warm glove.

Your rays penetrate my skin,

reviving my life force.

My heart beats faster as metabolism increases.

A sprinkle of laughter and joy return as

I slowly awaken to your light.

Hot balmy breezes blow through my window

awakening my senses. My bare feet sizzle

on pavement like pancakes on a hot griddle.

I gaze at the beauty of green grass

and pink magnolia’s in full bloom.

Flashes of pink, purple and yellow flowers

pour beauty into my path.

I walk on your warm earth

feeling my feet dance at your touch.

Creatures return to bask in your glory.

Oh summer, how I adore you!


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