Birthday Pup by Evelyn J. Steward

“Oh mummy!” Squealed Penny. She opened the door of the small animal carrier. “A puppy! Lovely! Thank you so much.” She gently eased the little bundle out and hugged it to her.

“She will grow with you,” her mother said. “But you must help to look after her. I am busy at times but I will show you how to groom her and keep her clean. Feed her properly as she grows. Do you think you can do that?”

“Oh yes, mummy. I will help look after her.” What Penny had not thought about was Perdita, their cat. She was a three year old Maine Coon and a hassle to brush and look after at the best of times, so how was a seven year old ( nearly eight, she reminded herself) going to perform with the extra work?

What her mother thought was to introduce the puppy slowly, but that never happened. After a few hours, the puppy was skittish and raced around the room, sliding on the wooden floor and attacking the rugs, which looked similar to Perdita.

When Perdita entered through the cat flap, she saw the strange animal having a great time on the floor. She arched her back, hissed loudly and went into attack mode.

At the same time, the puppy caught sight of Perdita, made a fast UTurn and raced for the cat, sliding on the slippery rugs, yapping all the way.

Perdita pounced, missed as the puppy slid past. She landed, standing stock still whilst the puppy gained momentum, finally landing face up against the far wall. The puppy shook her head, slowly came to herself, turned,and raced back to where Perdita was watching and assessing the situation.

This was the point where Penny squealed, at her mother, at Perdita and at the pup. “Precious!” She finally yelled. The pup stopped, looked at Penny, flopped onto the floor and lay there panting.

The newcomer had a name. The pup understood, Perdita relaxed, sitting down and licking her paws. Penny was pleased and her mother let out a sigh of relief. From then on, she knew that they would all get along together.

Copyright Evelyn J. Steward. March 2019.


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