Anne’s Betrayal by Denise Buschmann


Next Time You’re Feeling Down, Please Consider

Anne Boleyn’s husband killed her 3 ½ months
after giving birth to their stillborn son, having
sent to Calais for the executioner before
her trial. A kangaroo court, she rightly called it.
Cromwell read the king well and engineered it.
Henry appeared to acquiesce, when, in truth,
he was actively courting wife number three.
Installed his new love in the palace
while his queen agonized in the tower.
Eleven days after Anne’s execution
Henry wed Jane. Eleven days.
AND Anne’s replacement was nothing
if not wisely submissive. An intellectual equal
he had had and tired of for opinions expressed
too freely—revenue from sacked
monasteries to help the poor, religious
freedom to read non-Catholic Christian
writings, and, perhaps most of all, Henry’s
inadequate love and poem making skills,
which may not have been a problem if Anne
had produced, as promised, a live son.

So everything that could go wrong had gone
wrong, as in the Titanic’s fate years later.
Consider, therefore dear reader, your dark
cave may fare well compared to either.

November 8, 2018
© 2018 D.C. Buschmann


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