Some Effects of Being Chosen by Edmund Byrne


We humans, however numerous, find ways
to choose someone so activity can occur. To
pick a side is often easy; but not so if it
matters who has been preferred. The
difference depends on what’s at stake.

To start a football game a coin is tossed,
for Scrabble a letter says who’s first; that’s done
in other games with a straw, a number, or a card.
The order set, each player plays to see
who’ll be in first when the game is played and done.

More substantive are choices that decide who
will exercise power over people involved. Not
too scary with regard to clubs, societies; more
so if control of a wealthy company’s at stake;
still more if the prize is a government.

Leaving coups d’etats for another day, I here
point only to the use of election fraud.
Effected by all sorts of voter restraints, it leaves
on voter rolls mainly those who back the
activists for whom to rule is all.

Edmund F. Byrne, 2019


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