Trees of my Life by Caroline Middleditch


Sprouting new branches curving this way and that
Births green glistening buds that are juicy and fat
So many trees but which one to climb?
If I choose the wrong tree would that be such a crime?

Trees brightly topped off with luminous halo
Lifting branches to cloud, I stand humbled below
No time to climb them all, gazing side to side
I feel certain pressure, how to decide?

I stand back and survey with wonder each one
Remembering suddenly I came to have fun
One low, bark shining the right sort of gold
Limbs overlapping, easier to grip hold

I arrive at the top in surprisingly quick time
Perhaps I have chosen the wrong tree to climb?
I see other trees above me singing out too
I think I have time and I know what to do

I scramble back down but I fall to the frost
My second chance it seems has been foolishly lost
And sad as it is I got busy with doing
Just kept to the low trees, no higher pursuing

© CM – 2018


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