What Love Looks Like on a Blood-Red Road by Ayushi Jain


Full of innocence
her eyes, filled with mine
while tears emerged out of me
emotions bottled up on her face
are goodbyes always good?
those walks by the park,
those nights of eating food together
those days of running behind each other
Time apart
Taking away a part of me.
my soul moving towards loneliness
Are goodbyes always good?
Career. Future. Society.
Running and running
At this moment all this holds no logic
Who are we without love?
Room 414, Patient Jelly on a hospital bed
Few elementary precious minutes of her life left.
I remember how she ran towards me and
A car hit her,
It shook me.
Then I realized what love looks like on a blood-red road.
Her eyes are about to shut down
But I am glad her tail touched my forehead
In a second. Life went dead.
Duggie, until next time.
We shall meet soon in heaven.


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