Artistic Pull by Elaine Sorrentino

Artistic Pull

Let apples brown on your counter
even as flies descend for the feast,
and your wet laundry ripen in the washer
long after the odor singes your nostrils;
fret not if your bills remain unpaid
and collectors pound on your door;
drop everything
when the artistic spirit visits.

Creative inspiration follows no timeline,
waits not for a break in your schedule−
for you to wash your hair, fix your makeup,
nor does it excuse procrastination,
reserving introspection for a more convenient time;
it beckons for a blink and a flash,
if unanswered, wanes then vanishes
taking with it a piece of your essence.

Like untended seeds that shrivel and fade,
wasting fertile ground,
individual expression must be watered with passion
to leave its footprint on the universe;
so pick up your pen, brush, guitar, knife, camera,
and forget the world outside.
Create with abandon, giving your art wings
to soar in its uniqueness.


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