My Christmas Poem by Stella Sawyer

My Christmas poem

Festive season arrives once more
Christmas songs playing throughout the store.

Buying gifts for the family
Wrapping presents for under the tree.

Food all around in bountiful
Wondering do we really need it all!
Turkey, pork, beef and ham thigh
Christmas puddings cream and mince pie.

Rushing around shopping
Cooking and wrapping
Even a works party is not the topping.

The best part of Christmas
Im sure you’ll agree is the smiles
From our children as they help dress the tree.

Making a wish as they put on the final star
But my biggest wish of all
Is peace on earth by far.

So as we open our gifts all galore
Paper strewn all over the floor

While eating good food and sipping our drink
Maybe just spare just a minute and stop have a think.

Of others who are no longer with you on this joyful day
Or for those who are near but are so far away.

Enjoy your Christmas eat drink sing and play
Make the most of your loved ones on this Christmas Day.

Merry Christmas and peace to one and all
Good health and luck and may our problems be small.

Copyright © 2017
Author Stella Sawyer
All rights reserved.


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