Glorious June by Evelyn J. Steward

Glorious June. 

The cloudy days of May,
By breezes blown away,
Revealing in her glory,
June days, hunky dory.

Birdsong in the treetops high,
Skylarks soaring to the sky.
Rose buds open in the sun
And buzzing bees are never done.

Oh, the joys of summer heat,
Marching to the drummer’s beat.
Mid-year flowers brightly gleam,
Sun glistens in a woodland stream.

On the hillside munching sheep,
Farmyard hens with chicks that cheep.
Village cricket, crack on bat,
Cream teas sold, think of that.

Fetes are held, we hope no rain,
No! Muddy grass. It’s gone again.
Deckchairs filling every beach,
Holidaymakers fill the breech.

Down the Peer, ice cream melts,
Grandad’s chips, men loosen belts.
Toddlers trotting in the sea,
Mum’s hand takes him home for tea.

Lazy sunshine gleaming bright,
Big old moon shines, summer night.
High heat at the time of noon,
Oh, the days of glorious June.

Copyright Evelyn J. Steward, May, 2019.


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