Hush Up Old Crow by Robert C. Jennings


Hush up old crow
Hush up old crow.
Take your tired old complaints and go
No one wants to hear what you know,
That the joy of this morning too soon will go,
That by evening there’ll be new sorrows to know.
Go on old crow, go on and go.
Mean old crabby, cantankerous crow.
Take your gruff loud self and fly off home.
Take your tiresome song and leave us alone.
We’re happy here in the morning light.
A crow on the beach just doesn’t seem right.
Soon enough we’ll know of the pain you speak
But for now go on and shut your beak.
We can’t see beyond the hill
So don’t you tell us, just keep still.
Fly away with your tired old song.
Soon enough we’ll be along.

Robert C. Jennings


1 thought on “Hush Up Old Crow by Robert C. Jennings

  1. It’s well known that humans prefer pleasure over pain but rarely have control over which will prevail. So it’s good to have a poet on hand who’s able to neutralize a crow with gentle rhymes.

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