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Episode Four: From Montreal to Halifax with Jill Culiner

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First Crossing – Second Journal by Evelyn J. Steward

The Book Tour-Episode Three : On the Road…Finally with Jill Culiner


First Crossing. Memoir. by Evelyn J. Steward.



Thoughts from the road. Leaving the Hamlet with Cassandra Campbell-Kemp


The Book Tour by Jill Culiner Episode Two: An Interesting Encounter

Another Chapter of my Writing Adventure with Jessie Cahalin


Hungarian Village Street


The Book Tour by Jill Culiner



Chambers at Large in Shanghai’s Toilets with Amelia Chambers



New Stories, Old Characters and Happy Beginnings with Jessie Cahalin


On getting myself into a pickle… By J. Arlene Culiner/ Jill Culiner


Happy New Year Characters and Friends with Jessie Cahalin


Tales from the Hamlet – the two Matilda’s with Cassandra Campbell-Kemp

Christmas Invitation to the Olive Tree Café with Jessie Cahalin



Tales from Caldera with Cassandra Campbell -Kemp


Falling in Love with the Romantic Novelists’ Association with Jessie Cahalin


Feline Tales from the Hamlet with Cassandra Campbell-Kemp



Autumn in the Hamlet with Cassandra Campbell-Kemp


Wasting Words on the Dock of the Bay with Jessie Cahalin




A Day in Provence with Carol Drinkwater and Jessie Cahalin





Italy: Tales from The Hamlet with Cassandra Campbell-Kemp



Creative Inspiration at Octavo’s Bookshop by Jessie Cahalin




Detective Indie Author Investigates from Jessie Cahalin


Tales from the Hamlet – continued: from Cassandra Campbell-Kemp


A Day at Hay Festival with Jessie Cahalin 

Tales from The Hamlet as told by Cassandra Campbell-Kemp



Travels with Jessie Cahalin


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