Christmas Invitation to the Olive Tree Café with Jessie Cahalin



Christmas Invitation to the Olive Tree Café

You are invited to take a magical walk through the snow to the Olive Tree Café.
Do you dream of a white Christmas? I’d like to welcome you to a Delfryn Christmas. You are invited to enjoy a magical stroll through the snow. Can you see the Olive Tree Café bathed in light? Your seat is located beneath the festive olive tree. Please sample the bruschetta and score them according to their taste and texture. Follow in Jeanie’s footsteps…
Your seat is located beneath the festive olive tree.
‘Look at that beautiful sight,’ said Jeanie. She pointed to the lights in the Olive Tree café. ‘It makes me glad to be alive when I see such joy.’ Striding purposefully towards the restaurant, she dashed ahead of Sophie.

Fairy lights framed the large window of the café while decorations of fern, pine cones surrounded the doorway. A wreath of holly hung above a simple wooden sign with ‘Buon Natale’ carved in gold. On opening the door, vanilla, cinnamon and garlic welcomed them into Rosa’s Italian Christmas in Wales. Two long tables awaited the guests, and white table cloths showcased long garlands of fern, holly and cinnamon. A gold place mat, cutlery, small plate and Christmas cracker framed each place setting. Large glass jars contained red candles, and the olive tree sparkled with delicate lights. A nativity scene made of carved wooden figures sat beneath the olive tree. Olivia stood behind the counter and labelled the bruschetta ready for tasting. Italian music played in the background while neighbours milled around with their glasses of Prosecco. Jeanie hoped Olivia would sing later.
A stranger, wearing a full-length coat with a huge hood, entered the café. Covered in a dusting of snow, the visitor’s identity remained concealed. Though Jeanie knew the guest was in fact the reader of this blog, she did not know the person’s name. She waited for Rosa to greet her guest. Sweet tones of Rosa’s perfume hovered playfully in the atmosphere.
It’s time to eat and judge the bruschetta.


‘Welcome to our Welsh Italian Christmas,’ announced Rosa, the vibrant host. ‘Please take a seat next to Jeanie. I’m just about to start my Christmas competition. Everyone has created their version of bruschetta for me to judge.’ Dark curls framed her face.
Rosa held up a frying pan and hit it with a utensil to get everyone’s attention. A sparkling, leopard print scarf fluttered mischievously over her lips. ‘Welcome, friends! I’m thrilled you could join us to celebrate Christmas. Has everyone got a drink?’
‘Yes,’ chorused the crowd as they raised their glasses.
‘It’s time to eat and judge the bruschetta. Olivia has numbered the plates and there are voting slips at the tables. Rosa displayed her immaculate, crimson nails when she held out her arms to talk.
Olivia smiled at the stranger who wandered around. ‘Please take a seat beneath the olive tree.’

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If you enjoyed the warm welcome, you will need to read the book to find out why someone stormed out of the magical place. Discover the Christmas menu at the Olive Tree Café when you read the novel. You Can’t Go It Alone is 99p/99c for the festive season so step inside. One reviewer said the book is ‘best taken with a mug of hot chocolate and marshmallows by a roaring fire’. Rosa would prefer you to have a chilled glass of Prosecco.

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