The Cave by Suzy Davies her New Book in Support of ‘Swimsafe Sharks Initiative’

The Mysterious Magic of “The Cave” Keeps On Coming … Author Suzy Davies Pledges To Keep Children Safe in Water…

Suzy Davies Launches EPUB BOOK, “The Cave,” a fiction book inspired by The Wild Boars Football Club Thai Cave Adventure.

Cover Design by Sheila Graber.


When I wrote, “The Cave,” it presented perhaps one of the most exciting challenges for me. How was I going to weave fact and fiction together, honour a True Hero, all The International Team who took part in the Thai Cave rescue, and pay my own kind of homage to the enchanting Princess of The Mountain, who showered her benevolence on The Wild Boars Football Team?

I researched the story day by day, avidly reading the World News and watching news bulletins as they were broadcast on television and other media.

The cave had me, along with the boys and the whole world, in its vice-like grip; it played with my emotions, taunted, tantalized and tortured me. I found myself identifying with the heroines of my own creation; “Khun Mae,” the deep, watchful Shaman-Honorable Mother, and the Artist Figure, Jintara, weaving her rainbow threads in a tapestry offering to newborns and to The Princess.

I wrote day and night. And of course, Daw, with eyes as bright as the stars, told me, “The Night Loves Everyone.” I could hear the rush of angry Monsoon water in the cave, and his voice, which seemed to rise above the torrents.

And then, Lek, a small boy, and member of The Wild Boars, who was inspired to take courage to make it out of the cave’s jaws. Who would not feel for him, admire his strength and courage?

As with all my books, the ending is a happy one. After all, young adults will read my story, and adults who like adventure stories with heroes and heroines.

Something very strange, but true, happened just as I was typing the last word. I went out into my garden, for a breath of air, to reflect. There, in the middle of our yard, was a bright red ball. Where had it come from – out of nowhere! It was almost as if it was telling me: “Football’s coming home!”

“The Cave” is launched. EPUB BOOK available now on Smashwords.

Help a Thai Child Keep Safe in Water With Swimming Lessons. Ten percent of the profits from this book go directly to my chosen Sponsored Charity!


“The SWIMSAFE SHARKS initiative helps Thai school children learn to swim with the Survival Swimming Curriculum. We work alongside Thai schools training teachers to be instructors and promote water safety in general. Thailand is a country in the epicenter of the world drowning crisis and swimming is generally not taught to children.”

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