A Little Matter Of Money by Pat Ritter

A Little Matter Of Money

            Napoleon Hill, author of ‘Think and Grow Rich’ published secrets of life leaving the reader thinking this process produced a little matter of money. Instead filled their mind with a philosophy: ‘Whatever the mind of man can conceive and believe he can achieve’. In other words: if one believes in their goals in life, they can achieve anything.

            In early 90’s a friend handed me ‘Think and Grow Rich’ to read. His remark, ‘I can’t make head nor tail of what this book means’. I read the book ten times agreeing with my friend, ‘didn’t do anything for me either.’ I missed the message altogether. I returned the book to my friend.

            At the time I worked with Queensland Health in Drug Clinic counselling heroin addicts. One morning whilst I waited for a client to arrive I opened ‘Think and Grow Rich’ to read, understand to think and make myself rich. The Manager leaned over my shoulder to find out what I was reading. This person was Boss of the whole Department.

            ‘What are you reading?’ He asked. I showed him the book. He took the book from me, flicked a few pages, returned the book. ‘This is a great book. Keep reading.’ He left my office. Napoleon Hill describes in ‘Think and Grow Rich’ various ways to improve yourself. This became my goal to reach.

            A couple of days later I was requested to visit the Manager’s office. Entering his office most of the Executive were present. Offered to sit the Manager asked me a question, ‘We’re asked you here to understand where you think your career is going?’ My answer simple.

            ‘At this moment my career’s not going anywhere.’ I answered honestly.

            ‘Where do you want your career to go?’ The Manager asked.

            ‘I want to work in the community. Patients are treated for detox here at this centre. When they leave; no follow-up. Within a month they return. Like a revolving door syndrome.’ I answer confidently.

            After a couple of further questions, I was excused and thanked for my participation.

            A couple of weeks later I received a memorandum to re-locate my work in the community. Never in the history of the department had counsellors worked with clients in the community. Only registered nursing staff. I began working in the community as an alcohol and drug counsellor at Redcliffe and Deception Bay under Community Health.

            After working in the community for many years helping clients overcome alcohol and drug issues, my thoughts returned to reading ‘Think and Grow Rich’. Unbeknown to my understanding I must’ve understood Napoleon Hill, ‘whatever the mind of man can conceive and believe he can achieve.’ A little matter of money didn’t affect my career.


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