Appreciating the magic moments, that sweep you away by Sonya Hudson




When I look out on a bright clear day;

I can’t help but wonder what’s heading my way.

My thoughts seem to travel to times in the past;

Where memories linger and Happy thoughts seem to last.

Recalling all the endings and the beginnings in my life, that brought me worry, trouble and strife, seem so insignificant as I look out at the Bay, where Peace and tranquillity have helped me drift away, to so many thoughts and feelings on this beautiful day.

The magic of this moment, my heart filled with Joy;

The merging of the magic that keeps me moving on.

The future is unwritten as some will always say, but the pathway of your thoughts will always find a way to guide you beyond and through each and every day.

Life’s, mystery is the journey we each of us take, we laugh and we joke and mistakes we will make.

But a lifetime filled with magic is here to stay, when you look back through your history on a bright summers day.

Recalling all the endings and beginnings in your life that brought you worry, trouble and strife, were laced with magical moments that swept you away and brought you here to this beautiful Bay   

 Written by Sonya Hudson 



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