“Buds of Love in Joyous Mood” by Mazher Hussain Abdul Ghani

“Buds of Love in Joyous Mood”


Darling buds of love, in ecstatic mood sing the hymns of Innocence 

In the open expanse of freedom, spreading the message of love 

Pearls of Earth, naked, yet covered in the blanket of innocence 

Sacred souls far away from grievances of the materialistic world 

Laughing, telling jokes and showing the characters in friendship 

In joyous mood they lodge in the lanes by playing hide and seek

Sparkling faces glow like the diamonds in the heaven’s grace 

Drops of rain and a subtle touch of wind amuse their souls 

Wet in muddy water sometimes, true children of mother earth 

This harmony with nature excites a radiant fire in their heart

A desire takes birth deep in oasis to touch the celestial glory 

Music of swallows twittering soothes their soft souls 

Divine moods of nature fill their hearts with pure bliss 

Nature sow the seeds of glory into their souls 

In every weather, they sparkle in the divine light 

That enriches their innocent souls with the nectar of purity.


Copyright Mazher Hussain Abdul Ghani


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