Destiny by Parveen Sethi



My early morning parched voice

comes out in knots and tangles

The words settle swiftly on

the steam of my hot tea mug

The morning chill runs its

cold numb fingers across my face

A strand of hair time and again

finds its way into my eyes

I stretch myself a little

to make space for the new day

Ironing the creases off the grey clouds

I sew on them pieces of deep blue sky

Bygones are meticulously packed

and put away in the trunk

Full of resplendent memories

mothballed to keep them from decay

The life looks forward

Hopes take a firm step ahead

in leaps and bounds

I falter for a moment unsure,

unwilling to let go

Clutching tightly to the shattered

dreams I can’t bring myself to put away

The gushing forces of destiny

carry me forward swiftly

A soft streak of deep gold

lines the horizon today

Letting go of old always

for new makes a way they say

You are reborn out of the rubble

to greet me at the doors of

foreign lands yet again

© Parveen


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