Fireside Stories by Suzanne Lambert

© 2013 – 2016 Suzanne Lambert | All Rights Reserved



Sit quietly and listen, let your mind be still

Gently close your eyes and imagine if you will

The place you often dream of, right there for you to see

Deep within your heart and soul, your favourite place to be

A green and grassy hillside, with flowers all around

The gentle scent of lavender, not a single sound

A moonlit lake at nightfall, magic in the sight

Of moonbeams dancing all around, to fill you with delight

Sinking down and resting, in the worn and comfy chair

Your eyes turn to the fireplace, in the corner over there

The firelight is dancing, amongst the logs and coal

You sigh as warmth surrounds you, reaches out and soothes your soul

If tears begin to flow and make you sad for just a while

I hope the words to follow, will also make you smile

As the stories come alive, words dance before your eyes

With tales of sadness, love and joy, and so much more besides

So here within your favourite place, there’s nothing else to do

Just lose yourself inside the stories, written just for you



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