Gone But Not Forgotten by Kelli J Gavin



She has asked me.

Asked me to bring her with me.

To bring her somewhere new.

Somewhere important.

Important and meaningful.

Meaningful because I love it.

Love it because of memories.

Memories of days gone by.

Gone by not forgotten.

Never able to forget.

Only able to cherish.

Cherish and hold dear.

Dear and close to my heart.

My heart pounds as we approach.

Approach the woods that I love.

These woods enabled me to roam.

Roam free and enjoy each day.

Each day a new adventure among the trees.

Fallen trees providing shade.

Shade over the blanket of green moss.

Green leaves shimmer in the wind.

The wind helps to keep us cool.

Keeps us listening.

Listening to birds and animals.

Birds making so much noise.

Noise I remember.

I remember each sound.

The sound is still of peace. Peace and quiet.

Quiet time for me to think.

Think about memories.

Memories of days gone by.

Gone but not forgotten.


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