“I Adore You” by Mazher Hussain Abdul Ghani



I adore you, O beloved 

When you first entered in my life

I felt your presence, a divine influence 

You enlightened the core of my being 

With the divine light of your love

You fragrant every corner of my soul

As you are a queen of fragrances

Because of you, O beloved

Thousands of flowers took birth

In the barren fields of my heart

None could have quenched that thirst

But you, who resurrected my soul

I adore you, O beloved

You taught me how to love 

And what it really means to life 

I never felt this soulful comfort

And inner contention before I met you 

You gave me the pleasures of romance

I touched the amber of divine ecstasy

And danced with the stars in the sky 

I adore you, O beloved

Your tender touch nurtured my soul

Your influence brought me back 

To the beauty of love and life again 

And I learned how to smile in joy and pain

Your soothing voice deeply penetrated 

Into my soul, and I sang the songs of love

You are the pulsing fantasy of my heart

None can ever match your sophistication

I would never wish for something

But your presence, that purified my soul 

I adore you, O beloved

I remember your unconditional love

Enriched my soul every season

Nights and days passed in harmony

Together on the cradle of glowing ecstasy

We traveled from the emptiness to fulfilment 

You love completed me altogether

You are the soul of my soul

As I inhale and exhale your love 

You perfumed my thoughts and aspirations

With rich ideas of creativity and light

You are the inspiration, O beloved

A holy muse to excite my poetic thoughts 

I adore you, O beloved…



Mazher Hussain Abdul Ghani


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