I Can Make It by Deborah Ray



I can make it through the rain

I can make it through the pain

I can make it through the strain

I can try to make it through without going insane-

without slipping down 

the drain.  . .

that would be a crying shame 

this isn’t how it should be 

there’s no longer any rhyme or reason in this brain!

No! this is NOT a game 

how many layers does it have for me that I’m supposed to somehow explain?

If not for my faith 

I would take the blame

I’m no longer the same I know

there was a time when I

hardly remembered my name

now I live with this change

with my life  re-arranged 

though I suffered a loss

there’s a new gift I’ve gained

I have an injured brain

its difficult to train

I no longer speak the same

it makes me feel so lame

even though success may not come easy

I’ll try over and over

again and again and again!




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