“I Live In Your Presence” by Mazher Hussain Abdul Ghani



I live in your presence, O beloved

The heavenly abode, satiates inspiration 

The moon-filled window of your love invites stars

This serene compassion of your vicinity sets my mind free

And I dwell into the stream of imaginations

Wandering in the distant lands to embrace holy bliss of love

A pilgrim to holy mounts, sacred hills and visitor of divine temples

A knight who surpasses the dark passages in the search of light 

That influence derives my senses to esthetic extents

Shimmering into your vision, where I could see the clarity

I made journeys from illusions to enlightenment

From the drowsiness of unconscious to the gleam of consciousness

Each molecule of my being chants the divine hymns 

Like a saint in meditation, recites the divine verses 

Your divine presence soothes my heart and  mind 

The fear of wicked darkness haunts me no more 

I hear the unheard from the marvels of fantasy 

There is no pain left that could harass me

Each corner fragrants my soul with sacred essence 

I roam in the gardens of divine imagination

The fountain of knowledge sprinkles the grace and wisdom

Thoughts of your influence enlighten my soul

As I reside in the sanctuary of your presence. 



Mazher Hussain Abdul Ghani



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