No job is easy I tell you by Paidamoyo Gerald Manomano



When I’m not busy with something else

I will be busy with something else

Something else like escorting.


Escorting any who needs escorting

Some so happy, others grumpy

Some so quite, others being themselves.


I respond to a call at Fleshy Nimble Things

Favourite hunting ground of mine

The last time I was here, I escorted two to the hills

Today its a loaded damsel de fatigued going to the waves

In my lap she throws herself.



She hissed

Not in vain, I say to myself

Been long a day Hey, I say while stretching my limbs and preparing my path.


It’s hard to be a stripper I tell you

I looked at her for the second time

Damsel in sober land

No job is easy I tell you, I say blending in.


Then she started telling me;

As from 9am yesterday until today

(Escort had started at 3:21)

I have done 4 shows across two cities

1 private for a home boy back in Durban

Took an afternoon Fruity Liner to the Mother city

Why do they call it Mother I wonder

Where is the mother love

(Ummm ummm not sure what to say).


Straight she went to the Front waters

Took a boat into the blue womb

A yacht with three Swiss gents in love with toffee

Awaited for their treaty.


They asked for a one on one session

Very easy mission, no much work one thing leads to another

Extra money though for I’m contracted to show only

The extra money and associated risks are all mine to bear

Any hour later my body was so slippery from three different drippings


So she gave me some chocolates

Eat you need energy, you been up hey

Oh yes been busy, I say the block already melting in my mouth

On she went,

The second and third show were slithering and showing

Slithered on the poll to its shine

Showed all I have to the insides

Money in strap makes it more exciting

Lights and music puts me in the mood

It’s hard on the body though


Are you studying

She looks the type

No dropped out to make money

At least you are

Yes I do but the asset cannot stay fresh for ever

Yeah that hey, I say

I’m hungry she says

The junk place is just laying there along the Long

Damsel chopped all including the tooth picks

Food aroma and crumbs all over my lap

Comes with territory hey


That’s why gotta keep them long hours

That’s why gotta do all demanded acts like in the last one

Every orifice open

Tongue working overtime like that of a viper

Foreign things in me from all angles

Some’s stiffness come from insulting my natural sun adaptive skin

Some cry for their mothers

Some like it when I strap them


Yes I am making money

She says

Escorting ends, every tired limb in place

Sound, safe, secure

Damsel is home.


With HIM above protecting me,

I am armed to the teeth

I wait for my next assignment!







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