The Chains that Bounded us to Slavery by Nathan Munroe

The Chains that Bounded us to Slavery

Day out, day in, walking around with these clicking chains bounding me, I clench my fist day by day hoping to see them burn like a pile of garbage being disposed.

I twitch every moment while they whip my back, with a whip longer than my body, saliva runs out of my mouth every time the whip pierce or lashes my skin!

Our so called masters behaving supercilious , what they don’t know is that we are all equal; race,color nor hair does not divide us?

As we stagger to walk, and listening to the continuous groans of our fellow brethren and sisters, we can’t even shriek nor  make a sound.

For the whip will cross our skin carving and making us bellow, and our screams will echo for miles.

As they sit on top of their pale horses, they smirk and stare at us with gloomy eyes ; every time they stare, I flinch in nervousness; that I might get my head severed from my body.

The hunger, the dryness in my throat is like a dry well, all we can do is take a glimpse at them while  they drink; the bountiful water in their possession.

We can’t be drowsy or tired or we will be nailed to a wood; from hands to feet.

Do we have any hope? Is there any hope, I only see despair; the claws of the Dutches clobbering me to death.

Women are raped non-stop like an automatic bell, baring children; which are then executed on the spot with they’re mother.

We are frail, there is no light to guide us out of the darkness; instead the light beats our skin, engulfing us in flames, torturing us to death with pain!


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