The Promise by Deborah Ray



I heard the promise of death as she whispered,

 “I’m so afraid to die!”

from the cancer that conquered my sister 

as it ate up her body inside.

I told her “Don’t be afraid my big sister,

in heaven it’s lovely, you’ll see,

you’ll get to sing and dance with the angels

and live in perfect harmony.

You’ll get to jump on the moonbeams each evening 

and skip on the ray’s of each new mornings’ sun,

you can observe all your smiling loved ones

with the starlight when each day is done.

You will be present for everyone’s birthday 

you’ll get a glimpse of each years’ holiday cheer,

you’ll be there in spirit during the fireworks

and in every accomplishment year after year.

It’s going to be so hard to live without you

all your good deeds will be etched in our minds,

you will never, ever be forgotten

your memory will never be left behind!”

I’ll miss you so much,

your little sister



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