Those Brilliant Brains by Deborah Ray



I will seek as many of my people

as my true passion will allow

to unlock some of the mysteries

that can’t communicate to be let out.

Lying deep inside those brilliant brains

that have so much to say

is a desperate plea for normality

and for the depression to go away.

It’s hard to feel the blessing of survival

when your brain doesn’t work anymore

a mind gets so distracted

setting goals is a mighty hard chore.

Compounded with mental illness

your mind doesn’t work like it did before

you try to think of the positives 

your brain is likely to ignore.

People are judgmental, callous and mis-informed

they have no idea of what these brains go through

so don’t expect anyone to get better

when they say they’re doing the best that they can do.

Don’t try to tell them they can stop this intrusion

that negativity can be managed and be controlled

just pray you’ll never discover

your brilliant brain turned just like those!



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