With Me to My Eternal Garden by Upalparna Dey



Love me, carry me to my eternal garden,

So that I can start my new journey with the gush of life,

Untie my wings, so that I can fly into the azure firmament,

From the cage that binds me.

Love me, let me fly only for the call of freedom of my soul.

Life has brought us to this threshold with a purpose.

Engulf me in your arms and let me forget all that has cut and bruised me,

The time that we have now is very special because I will carry it with me to a life beyond this one;

walk with me on this eternal path holding my hand – let’s make memories for a lifetime,

save them all for tomorrow, where I will lay deeply embedded in your soul,

All the time that is our’s, for now, save them all for us.

Carry me to the vibrant garden, unfold me and set me up to the flight of freedom. 



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