Archived Short Stories & Essays – Fiction & Non-Fiction 2016-2018

Archived Short Stories & Essays – Fiction & Non-Fiction 2016-2018



The Wooden Labyrinth by Evelyn J. Steward

In the Mix – Part 6: 5 get over-excited on Baffin Island by Jane Risdon Edit

Hell in a Pocket by J A Newman

Farewell Tour by Travis McGavin

The Arm Wrestler By Andrew Paul Grell

Breathing Fire on Ghosts (spell included!) by Dave Dutton Fraser

Looking for Pancakes by Dave Dutton Fraser Edit

Der Tarnhosen by Andrew Paul Grell

Little Piddlewich by Phyllis J. Burton

In The Mix – by Jane Risdon Parts 1-2-3 & 4

In the Mix – Part 5: with Jane Risdon

Lottery Winner by Stephen Jay

Josh and Nicky by Andrew Paul Grell

Easy Oblivion by Honey Due

Hands By: Kelli J Gavin

The Failed Experiment by Maddie Marcarelli

Descent by Andrew Paul Grell

Inker Forest by Evelyn J. Steward

Monks by Ifeanyichukwu Eze

Melt by Kelli J Gavin

David Perlmutter talks about his Book to Movie Project

The Landscape Gardener by Stacey George

Mrs Pettigrew and a Grand cup of Tea. by Gena King

Dealer by Kelli J. Gavin

The Tow Rope By Stephen Jay

Finishing the Door by Linda J. Pifer

Forgiveness by Kelli J. Gavin

Overwhelmed or Underwhelmed? by Gena King

Appreciating Life’s Little Pleasures by Chris Brauer

Encounter by Nicky Wells

One Wrong Move by Elaine Smith

The Whipping Post by Elaine Smith

Excerpt from Upon Your Love by Marie Lavender © 2017

April Travels with Jessie Cahalin

Virginia Woolf and Social Media by Jessie Cahalin

I’m a “Factory Girl”…again by Thea Phillips – (Hartley.)

Things we can’t explain by Linda J. Pifer

The List by Linda J Pifer

Is January Here Yet? by Pam Munter

The Well 2 by Janice Spina

Under The Century Tree by Enriqueto Tabernilla

Time to Shine by Gavin Whyte

Life is a Bowl of Oatmeal? by Mak Taylor

The Sound of…Silence? by Mak Taylor

A Day in the Life: Scott from Narnia’s Children about his typical day. By Jane Risdon

The Secret of Willow Cottage by Jane Risdon Parts I and II

Gas Lamps, Harry Randals, Satnavs and iPads. by Jane Risdon

The Debt Collector By Jane Risdon

Vegas or Moscow by Jane Risdon © 2014

Dying to Meet You by Jane Risdon

The Christmas Table by Suzanne Lambert

Battles by Suzanne Lambert

Holly by Ailsa Abraham

Best Medicine by Ailsa Abraham

“Are You Still Writing?” Karen Galatz

Sometimes I Feel That My Life is Like a Jigsaw Puzzle by Tina Frisco

How My Tragedy Became My Passion by Tylia Flores

Twisted Pearls by Phyllis Burton

She Doesn’t Know Me by Kate Stear

Jason by Destiny Rainham

Eighty in The Shade by Christine Bassett

A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Casino or An Innocent Abroad! by Christine Bassett

Rings on her Fingers by Christine Bassett

The Adventurous Miss Flowers By Stephen Mossop

Mental Breakdown by Christian Mike Simmons

Travels with Cookie and Uncle Riley by Linda Bethea

Easy Pickings by Kay Seeley




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