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Rosemary Ryan Imregi asked the following:

My debut book “Goodbye Danube” was self-published by a vanity press. The book has been out for over a year and is not selling. I’ve been told that part of the problem is my poor choice of a book cover.
I’d like to change the book cover, and revise some of the story. How would I go about making these changes? I don’t want to use the original printer as they require a lot more money than I have.


Becky Villareal answered:

Hello Rosemary,

Great question! I looked at your book and read the description you provided on Amazon. I don’t think it’s the cover but the description. It should be short and sweet and hook your reader so they’ll want to find out more. Also, watch those typos and market, market, market. If you are wanting to make changes to your book, talk to your publisher first and find out what you need to do. 


Suzy Davies answered:

A good book cover which reflects your story is very important. However, the content of your story will be what creates readers in the long term.

Who has advised you about the cover? Be sure that they know the publishing industry before you change anything.

I’m sorry to hear you published with a vanity press. I’d advise you to withdraw your book from them and start working on revising your story to make it as good as it can possibly be. Hire a professional editor. Then you will be in a position to pitch your book to a reputable publisher who can take care of the presentation of your work with a stunning book cover. Alternatively, consider self-publishing your story.


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