Interview with Rachel Dove

What name do you write under?


I write under my married name, so it’s actually my real name. My maiden name was Rothwell, so would have been a long name on the book covers!


Which country do you live in?


I live in the UK, and have resided in Wakefield, West Yorkshire all my life (so far!)


What made you want to write and were you inspired by anyone?


I have always loved books, and wanted to write my own since I was tiny. I loved the classics, Bronte, Austen, and I really liked Hans Christian Anderson and Enid Blyton. I devoured books as a child, and haven’t really stopped since.


What encouragement did you have, and have you taken any courses in writing?


My family weren’t big readers, but they always respected my love of reading and nurtured it. I didn’t tell anyone for a long time about wanting to be a writer, but I started in my early 20s seriously submitting. I have done a Writers Bureau course which was amazing, and I am currently completing their Writing for Children course, as I want to branch out into YA and middle grade down the line. I was honoured to win their Writer of the Year competition in 2016. It felt like an amazing graduation ceremony. I start my MA in Creative Writing in October 2017, so I am excited for the next couple of years.


What genre do you write?


I write contemporary women’s fiction, but I have written horror shorts for charity as part of the Inkslingers UK. My love is romance, and I am currently working on my fifth novel.


What was your first publication?


My first indie publication was Crossing Life Lines, a romance novel and my first traditionally published novel was The Chic Boutique on Baker Street. I am very proud of them both for different reasons.


Did you self-publish or use a publishing house?


Crossing Life Lines I published myself through Amazon, and Chic Boutique was released by Mills & Boon.


How long does it take you to write a book?


With deadlines, my mind focuses well and I can write a first draft in 4 months, once the planning and character profiles have been done. Then the editing begins!


How many words does your book usually contain?


Around 70,000 to 80,000 once edited.


How do you get over writer’s block?


I take a break, walk the dog , read a book. I love Netflix and working from home I often have the TV on in the background, so I love a good box set as a distraction.


Did you give up the day job to be able to write?


Yes, I taught adults part time, and in December 2015, shortly after my first Mills & Boon novel was complete I decided to commit to writing full time so I could concentrate on my writing career and have more time for my family. I took my children out of childcare, and although the income is not regular (as with any writer) I am building my following and don’t regret my decision. When my kids are in high school I will return to teaching but will teach creative writing and English.


Will you ever retire from writing?


No, never! I will die with an unfinished manuscript and a half read book on my bedside table.


How can we buy your books?


How did you find out about The Writers Newsletter and has it been of interest to you?


I heard about The Writers Newsletter on social media, and I do find it very beneficial. I have recommended it to a few people, and the Young People newsletter is interesting for market trends, and my son enjoys reading too!


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