Suzie Hindmarsh-Knights

Racing Dream By Suzie Hindmarsh-Knights

Racing Dream By Suzie Hindmarsh-Knights

Annabel Martin dreams of winning a Melbourne Cup—the highest honour for any jockey in Australia. When a top trainer offers her a ride on the stallion, Reckless Night, Annabel hesitates only because her friend, James McKenzie is the usual jockey. But not only is James’s leg broken, but the trainer offers her a sweetener: if she wins the race, she can ride the horse through the Spring Campaign and on to the Melbourne Cup. Chasing her dreams earns Annabel an enemy in Damon Black—the man second to James, and the jockey who should have been in line to ride Reckless Night.

As Annabel begins her new job, a shady trainer drags Annabel’s father into the middle of a horse swapping scam. Because of her connection to both horses, Annabel is implicated—just as Damon Black begins to become dangerous, and just as she and James become more than friends. A fire at the stables sends James to the hospital, where Annabel’s possible involvement in the scheme is laid out in front of him. Not only was his dream of the Melbourne Cup snatched from him, but the woman he loves may not be who she says she is.

As Annabel’s world implodes, she faces her father’s shady connections, a possible riding ban, and losing the man she loves. But Annabel’s a woman who has survived as a top jockey in a man’s world, and she has no intention of letting her dreams be lost—no matter how high the bets are against her.

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