Thistle and Stone by Linda J. Pifer

Thistle and Stone by Linda J. Pifer
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Publication Year: 2017
Length: 135 pages

If you were in your favorite place in 2016, touched the handle on an old door and were instantly transported would you handle it? (no pun intended)

Take a walk in Shelley Lindquist's sandals as she awakens inside a cold, silent castle in Scotland. Bewildered, confused, shivering, she attempts to discover where she is and meets Jakke, a large Irish wolfhound who covers her face in licks after knocking her down.

His master, Nicholas, isn't pleased and demands to know how she entered, accusing her of attempted theft. Cold and authoritative, he is the last of a long line of Scots from his 7th removed grandfather Edward Wodehause.

It soon becomes apparent Edward still lingers on the earthly plane, doing what he can to reclaim Wodehause castle after his devious brother falsely laid claim in 1781 while Edward was away at war in the colonies. Missing wills and history from more than two hundred years ago are needed to restore his rightful lineage and, if along the way, his grandson Nicholas learns to realize his need for someone besides himself, it's an added gift.

Will Shelley adjust to this bizarre interruption in her life? Will Nicholas pull himself out of his hopeless resignation and accept help to achieve his grandfather's wishes? More importantly, where does one search for documents over two-hundred years old?

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