The Writers Newsletter Wishes you a Happy Weekend – Our Anniversary is Approaching

        August will be our 24th issue and we would like to make it a celebration of all the great content we have published over this time and would like to introduce […]


Warm Wishes for the Week from The Writers Newsletter

        Stay cool and catch up on The Writers Newsletter latest edition. New and regular contributors, check the archives for so many useful articles to help you with the writing process. Check […]

Have you Checked the new Edition of The Writers Newsletter Yet?

    The latest edition of The Writers Newsletter is jam packed with new and exciting things. New and regular contributors New and regular lists and links And so much more So take a look […]

Remember to Include The Writers Newsletter in Your Week

  Welcome back to our first full week back online. We are still continuing to build back the content so if you are not on here yet and you have previously contributed you will be […]