The Homeless by Stacey George


The Homeless
People hurry up and down
The busy shopping street
Weighed down by heavy parcels
And rushing home to eat
They look in the shop windows
To the left and then to right
Never looking at the pavement
Oh what a sad sad sight
Men on every corner
Begging for a coin or two
Men without a house or home
Please see what you can do
These men were once a baby
Loved by some mother too
Then life went badly wrong for them
It could have well been you
So next time you are passing
Please look inside your purse
Or simply smile and stop and chat
There are things that are much worse
They may look very shabby
But really they don’t bite
And for your simple kindness
You’ll sleep well I bet tonight
Remember they are people
People just like you
So please give to the homeless
I’m really begging you


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