National Dog Day 2017 is Here! by Karen-Cherie Cogane




“The Poodles of Park Avenue” by Karen-Cherie Cogane, celebrate National Dog Day 2017 on Saturday, August 26! It’s the day to appreciate the endless devotion that dogs bring to our lives, and to help homeless and abused dogs.

Our four-legged friends give us humans so much in the form of unconditional love. When they are used in emergency services work, they keep us safe, and support disabled, blind, and deaf people.

Now’s the time to give back to these wonderful animals. You can adopt a dog from a reputable breeder or a homeless shelter. Or, why not treat your canine to a relaxing and pampering spa day, or buy something special for your pet?

Most of all, spend quality time with your pooch. Your dog is a big part of your family and deserves the best.

Simone, the white poodle and the book’s star, is so happy to share this day with her friends and family.


“Hi! It’s Simone! It’s Saturday, August 26, and hooray, it’s National Dog Day! Mom and dad are throwing me a party in our Manhattan apartment. Since it’s ‘My Day,’ I let mommy do the soiree preparation (I’ll get back to party planning soon).

Of course, Ricardo, my black poodle boyfriend, is here with Jorge, his owner and our chef.

Sincella, the whitish girl poodle, came, too with her humans, Lonnie and Claire, my parents’ friends. This is Sincella’s first time at my Manhattan parties (she lives on Park Avenue), but she’s been at my Amagansett gatherings (she summers in the Hamptons).

My other doggie buddies from the building have arrived: Lexi, the girl Old English Sheepdog with the never-ending fur; Renaldo, the male collie, and Charmaine, the female white Bichon.

Frank, my dog walker, brought a ‘Plus One.’ Guess who? His wife or one of his daughters? No . . . uh . . . It’s Mojito, my temperamental Chihuahua walking partner. It was my idea to invite Mojito since it’s his holiday, too. But, I hope I don’t regret this . . . Frank has warned him to be, like, on his best behavior, and I’m keeping my paws crossed.

Apollo, the black poodle, who belongs to BT, dad’s boss at the bank, won’t be at this party. Too bad, or is it? Apollo’s a very nice poodle, but Ricardo gets jealous when he’s around. Does ‘Simone’s Summer Soiree’ in Amagansett sound familiar? Ricardo got, like, very insecure and got into a fight with Apollo over moi. My boyfriend thinks the rich poodle is after me, and well, he kind of is.

To refresh your memory: BT, the Chairman of dad’s firm, wants me to breed with Apollo, who comes from a long line of show dogs! Raymond told BT that I’m with Ricardo, but Mr. Thomas is not giving up. But, as if! Not ready to breed! Ricardo would be my choice if and when I am ready to have kids. Not that Apollo isn’t a good catch, but I already have my soul mate.

My curious boyfriend glances around and asks me: ‘So, is Apollo coming tonight?’

Me: ‘No, he can’t. He’ll be at home in Westchester.’

Ricardo: ‘Oh, that’s a shame . . . a real shame . . . ‘

‘Don’t be sarcastic, Ricardo. Apollo’s very nice. He really is,’ I reply.

‘You mean, nice and rich,’ my beau adds.

I try and assure him: ‘I’ve told you not to be jealous. We’re just friends.’

‘Just make sure it’s not ‘Friends with Benefits,’ Ricardo retorts.
So, I inquire: ‘How do you know about that?’

Ricardo’s answer: ‘I heard it on TV. Make sure there’s nothing funny going on. Okay?’

‘You know I love YOU, so don’t worry,’ I tell Ricardo, and I plant a big kiss on his poodle cheek.

I guess Ricardo feels a little guilty: ‘I’m sorry. I don’t mean to accuse you. It’s just that you mean so much to me, and I don’t ever want to lose you.’

I reply: ‘You won’t . . . you won’t . . .’

My thoughts: ‘Jealousy . . . Jealousy . . . Romantic Love Triangles . . . Personality Clashes . . . It’s not just on soap operas, like the ‘Cute and the Curious’; It actually happens to dogs and humans. But, does it happen to cats, fish, and apes? How about ducks, birds, or horses? It must apply to all animals, of course.’

On to other dog issues . . . I’ve been worried that Charmaine, who is hyper doesn’t clash with Mojito, who, like, puts the edge in edgy. But, are you ready for this?

The Chihuahua playboy just took one look at the fluffy and pretty Charmaine, who is on the other side of the room, and his mouth dropped open. Now Mojito says she’s his new potential wife! He’s adding Charmaine to his list of about 12 candidates! He already brags how adorable their Chi-Chon puppies would be (Chihuahua and Bichon combo)!

Mojito’s just over-compensating since he’s really in love with me (but he knows he can’t have me). He’s plagued by self-doubt, and says if he has a harem, that no dog will ever leave him. Personally, how can any canine put up with his moody personality and shrill yap?

That dog is like Napoleon; he’s little, strong-willed, and has a power complex. Mojito thinks he is the sultan or emperor of Park Avenue! I think he’s been watching ‘Aladdin’ or ‘The King and I’ too much!

That being said, Mojito wants me to introduce him to Charmaine, but I stall. The Chihuahua will yap . . . Charmaine will get nervous and turn in circles . . . Sally, her owner, will get mad . . . And, I don’t want to be in the middle of this doggie drama!

That’s why I’m so glad Renaldo, the mild-mannered collie is here. Hopefully, he’ll have a calming effect on the other dogs. But, I think he has a crush on me, too. I know . . . I know . . . You might think that I’m conceited, but it’s just my female intuition. Not to mention that Renaldo always smiles at me. Due to my poodle-liciousness, I’m used to admiration from boys.

Sincella has romance on her mind, too. She asks, ‘Are there any single dogs here, Simone?’

I answer: ‘A few . . . There’s a few single ones.’

‘What about that cute Chihuahua? Is he available?’ Sincella inquires.

‘Uh . . . That’s Mojito, the one I walk with every day with Frank,’ I reply.

‘Oh, yes, so you know him well, and maybe you can introduce me to him,’ she enthuses.

I respond: ‘Uh, that’s not a good idea. He’s, uh, single, but, I don’t think he’s the dog for you, um, in a romantic way, Sincella.’

‘Why?’ she asks.

‘Because he’s mixed up and doesn’t know what dog he wants. Right now, he has about TWELVE DOGS that he wants as his potential wives. He’s really confused,’ I assert.

‘So, he has a lot of dog girlfriends?’ Sincella wonders.

I scoff: ‘Not one . . . not one . . .’

Sincella tilts her head and remarks: ‘I don’t get it. I thought you said he has so many girls.’

‘No, what I mean is he WANTS MANY WIVES. Mojito’s very insecure and has a lot of issues. Right now, he doesn’t have ANY girl,’ I tell her.

‘Oh, then you’re right, Simone. Mojito’s not the dog for me. I want a ‘One Girlfriend Dog,’ someone who just wants me. It would be nice if he’s a poodle, but he doesn’t have to be, as long as he treats me well.’

I feel bad for Sincella and assure her: ‘You’ll meet someone, maybe Renaldo, the cute collie who is over there. He’s very nice and even tempered. I’ll introduce you later.’

Sincella stares at Renaldo, who’s on the opposite side of the room: ‘Oh, he’s handsome. That’s a good idea. Hey, what about Apollo? Is he coming?’

‘Not tonight, but maybe you’ll see him another time, at our next party,’ I tell my poodle friend.

‘I’d really like that. Apollo’s dashing and charming!’ Sincella says.

Moi: ‘You’re right. He certainly is.’

‘Simone, you’re so lucky you have Ricardo. He really seems to love you,’ she praises.

‘I know I am. Even though they’re many, many dogs in New York, It’s hard to meet a great one. And, Ricardo’s a wonderful boyfriend. But, you’re sweet and cute, and you have a very nice human family. I know you’ll find love, too, Sincella,’ I reply.

My friend’s response: ‘I hope I do, Simone.’

‘Be confident . . . You will . . . probably when you least expect it,’ I remark.

Calling a special fella for Sincella! And, I’ll help her screen and interview the candidates.

Another problem: I’m worried about my English Sheepdog friend, Lexi, who is here. Since her pet mom is unavailable, Frank picked up her up and will drop her off . . . Poor, sweet, furry Lexi, just has her paws full, not bumping into things (with all that fur in her eyes).

I know: I’ll tell Frank to advise Lexi’s mother to give her a Beauty Day at Ma Belle Chien. Underneath all her fur (and I’ve looked), Lexi’s very cute. But, she really needs to have bangs cut or a barrette put in.

I know she’s a Sheepdog, and it goes with the territory, but I’m, like, ‘Out with the old, and in with the new!’ Even though Lexi is only two years old, (around my age, and about 14 in dog years), it’s high time she sees the world around her better. So, just give her a haircut! Maybe Lexi can learn to dance, or even find romance!

I pushed my luck. I knew it! I knew it! Mojito is transfixed, and now the object of his desire is Lexi! ‘Wow, look at her long hair! She’s so pretty!’ he exclaims.

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