Have you Checked Out the New Format Writers’ Newsletter Yet?



With The Writers’ Magazine being launched tomorrow we wanted to let you know about the new look newsletter.

With all the lists you like, writing and illustration competitions, your local bookshop and festivals with  writers’ and illustrators’ resources.

You can still promote your book through these pages (please complete form).

Other pages we have:

A Junior section 

Business directory where you can have an entry to let people know what services you offer.

Archive of our 2019 published contributions, some of the authors are now to be seen in the new publication.

Remember to sign up for notifications.

You can find the new magazine from Sunday 11th August at:

The Writers’ Magazine

A limited number of printed copies will be available 

(price depending on confirmed subscribers) Please email:

subscriber@thewritersmagazine.com with your name, address, email address and phone number.


Author: The Editor

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