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The First 3 Chapters


It is rare for most people to experience the real meaning of ‘dead weight.’
It was equally strange for the thought to come to mind as Kramer muscled the man into a sitting position against a garishly painted door. It wasn’t the first time he’d needed to handle the dead. He studied his handiwork. For all intents and purposes, the figure appeared to be asleep.
Kramer surveyed the alley and ancient balconies overhead checking for witnesses. No one. A last glance at the body, then he slipped away from the scene.
He had to catch up with his target. Sign up to read more………..

In The Mix:

The Auditions: Part Two – Let’s Play Rock ‘n’ Roll by Zeppelin
Somewhere in Hollywood, in a huge warehouse with an enormous car park:
by Jane Risdon.  Sign up to read more………..


Susan’s text message came from her office. “Mom, what were you thinking? It’s too bright–every day will be like Christmas!” She finished with news on the grands and signed off. The message from Sarah’s eldest daughter regarding the new red paint on the front door remained on her mind. It was a further disappointment when her son Jaimie also disliked it. But when her husband Mike compared it to the fire department down the street, it was the last straw and she decided to turn the tables. Sign up to read more………..

A Bread Tale on the Road to Canterbury More travels with Jessie Cahalin
We collected our daily bread in Wye Bakery, Kent
On our pilgrimage to Canterbury, we decided to stop in Wye, Kent, for provisions.  We collected our daily bread in Wye Bakery, Kent, and I found myself lost in another age. Allow me some creative liberty in my tale. The quaint Wye Bakery is accessed via an ancient, mysterious corridor constructed three hundred years ago. Sign up to read more………..

Tools for Writers by Tim Clark
I quit smoking several years ago, which freed up a lot of time. I had no idea how much time smoking took, and how much the free time would serve to remind me a cigarette was an old time killing friend. But, we were though, cigarettes and I. It had been fun but enough was enough. To fill the time I started a blog. Just for something to do. It grew and changed, and I learned a lot about writing.
Years later I decided to start sending off some stories to different sites accepting submissions. A few of them were published. I was thrilled. Sign up to read more………..

Along with more articles, stories and poems.

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