It’s Our Birthday- Your Messages and the Editors Note

When I first put a plan together to bring a newsletter to readers and writers with as much varied content as I could find, I never envisaged it growing at such a fast pace. We have suffered some ups and downs in our first 2 years but we have not missed a monthly edition managing to always get something online.

It would not of course been so successful if it hadn’t been for all the wonderful and generous contributors that we have been so lucky to have wanted to be seen on our pages from around the world. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the great words you have sent in.

We couldn’t have done it without you.


I raise a glass to the next 2 years and all the amazing things we have planned for the future.  Editor





Happy Birthday to The Writers Newsletter.  It has been a joy to share my words and thoughts via this professional platform for a year.  The Writers Newslettter has such a wonderful range of articles in one play and is a great companion for writers and readers.  A big thank you to Storm Grayson for her dedication to this publication.  Jessie Cahalin


Happy birthday and congratulations on continuously providing such wonderful news and information to the literary world. Many happy returns, from your friends at Black Chateau


Happy 2nd Birthday to The Writers Newsletter. May you continue to grow as a platform for writers new and old. Neetu Malik


Happy Birthday The Writers Newsletter – 24th edition anniversary.

I’d like to wish Storm and The Writers Newsletter a very happy 24th edition anniversary. What a wonderful achievement. All the hard work put into it shows, and I am so relieved to see it bounce back after the nightmare loss of everything in June.

It feels to me as if the Newsletter has been part of my life for ages and ages. I can’t recall how I first came across the publication but I knew as soon as I read it, the newsletter was going to be a huge success and such a benefit to writers, such as myself, as well as readers.

My contributions have been well received I think and I am always pleased to see the latest copy arrive in my inbox each month. It is exciting seeing my own work or references to Only One Woman – thanks Storm for being such a fab supporter, Christina and I really appreciate and value it – and  it’s great fun discovering new authors, poets, and articles – and it’s always a joy anticipated with great excitement as the pages are revealed.

It was a great pleasure to meet Storm in person at the first of Only One Woman book launches on 30th May (in Cardiff, Wales) when she travelled to be part of our special event. We really appreciated her making the effort along with others, to be with us at our Publisher’s, Accent Press Ltd.

Storm travelled to our next book launch in Abingdon, Oxfordshire, at The Bookstore, on 9th June and we were delighted to see her again. It meant a lot to have you celebrate with us, Storm. Thanks so much.

I’d like to wish Storm and The Writers Newsletter continued success and a growing and greater audience with every edition in the future. She deserves every success for the hard work and dedication she has put into making this fabulous publication work.

Thanks so much for your invaluable service to authors and readers alike. Onward and upwards….

Jane Risdon xxxx


Wishing the whole team a very Happy Birthday and many more to come. Jennifer Larmar


Happy Birthday to your fantastic newsletter. Keep up the great work. David Perlmutter


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