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The Young Writers Newsletter

We are happy to announce The Young Writer’s Newsletter/magazine is now part of The Writer’s Newsletter and no longer has a separate website. All the same pages can be found here.

The Young Writers Newsletter/magazine is here for everyone.  Particularly anyone up to 18 years of age, and authors of Children and Young Adult books.

Our mission is to help and encourage young people in their writing wherever they are in the world, whether it’s stories, poems or essays. We also wish to support experienced authors who write for this age group.

In this magazine you are welcome to submit short stories, poems, articles and news. You can  send them direct to editor@thewritersnewsletter.com or fill out the submission form.

Each month we like to highlight good works so please support these causes.

Are you a teacher or educator? We welcome article submissions to help and advise young writers. We are particularly interested in submissions from young people.

In order to keep this a free publication, we do not pay for submissions.

Please go to the Guidelines page for further information.

This magazine is for you so please like, share, comment, contribute and follow.


The Young Writer’s Newsletter pages have now joined the main newsletter with their own junior section. So if you write for the younger generation and would like to submit stories, poetry and articles with this in mind please consider a contribution. We also welcome submissions from young writer’s up to the age of 18.

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