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Latest News for May


News from Only One Woman

We are having a book launch on May 30th at our publishers book store and wine bar in Cardiff.

Bring & Spin 60’s Night with Christina Jones and Jane Risdon

We hope you will come and get your copies signed. The Paperback is different from the Kindle book in that there is a foreword written by Graham Bonnet (The Marbles) and we hope while waiting to buy the book you will be excited to find his words inside. This book will be in stores and in audio.

Here is a little snippet of his foreword:

Photo taken in Studio City on 12/15/15.

For me Jane and Christina’s book – “Only One Woman” – reflects very honestly those times and the feel of those times. I can picture myself back in London when reading some of the pages. The 1960s, for me, was probably the most wonderful time in the music business with such bands as The Beatles, The Stones, The Kinks, The Who, and The Bee Gees and more: the list is endless.

 This book will take you back to that time; read on readers.

 Graham Bonnet,

Studio City, Los Angeles, California






Swindon Festival of Literature

Bookings are open for the twenty-fifth Swindon Festival of Literature, 7th – 19th May 2018

The Swindon Festival of Literature launched on a brisk Thursday last week at Swindon Central Library – read about it at

You can book tickets and see the full Festival line-up at



News from Suzanne Lambert

From Humble Beginnings to Published Author

I am thrilled to announce that I will be giving a talk, ‘From humble beginnings to published author’ at Newcastle City Library on Wednesday 6th June at 2pm and Tynemouth Library on Monday 9th July at 2.30. I will be sharing the struggles and joys of growing up in the 1950’s with my remarkable mother, Nancy, who dedicated her life not only to care for, but love, the children of the North East. Her stories are absolutely tear-jerking and unforgettable. I was loved beyond measure and my story is quite incredible.

I will also share with you the journey to find my birth mother and how it felt the first time I saw her. It was on one of the saddest occasions of her life and it would be another few weeks before we met properly and I finally found out the truth. My story begins when I was five years old and I heard a teacher whisper, ‘she will never amount to anything she’s one of those from the home.’ Sadly I believed it and never forgot those words.  I was 58 years old before I wrote my first book which was published by Penguin Random House. I have now written three more books with a fourth almost finished.  The whispers have finally been quietened. Do you have a story in you, or have a burn to write but don’t know where to start.  I am so passionate about encouraging others who have a story to tell. I would love you to come along so I can help to inspire you to achieve your dream.  To book a place Contact Newcastle City Library (0191 277 4100) or Tynemouth Library (0191 643 2087) direct.

I hope to see you there.

News from David Perlmutter (author of ‘Wrong Place Wrong Time)

Sitting around a dining table in a restaurant in Chelsea doesn’t happen that often to me. I lie, because the last time was two months ago and before that was two years ago at a Pizza Express. But this restaurant was different. It was exclusive, rather grand and situated in a lovely courtyard in Sloane Square, just off the Kings Road. Get me, in Chelsea. Well, there is a reason I have visited that part of South West London and the reason is, to meet two members of the production company and one half of the script writing team for the book to movie project, Wrong Place Wrong Time.

This is the third meeting I’ve had with the production team, Golden Mile Productions, based in London, Marbella and Los Angeles, but of course the conversations on the phone, Skype and messages are in their hundreds. In fact we have our own WhatsApp group, coincidentally called Wrong Place Wrong Time. Gathered around the table last week seemed surreal. I had to pinch myself when one half of the script writing team pulled out her notes and we begin to discuss the characters, which I may add is one of the many reasons they want to bring the book to the screen. They feel that the story is full of amazing characters that the viewing public will endear to.

So, as the evening progressed, complimented by a lovely bottle of wine, of course, we discussed the sub-plots, how the film will begin, the soundtrack, which we are so excited about, as the music will be full of 80’s and 90’s hits. But, the goosebumps started to make an appearance on my arms as soon as I heard the scriptwriter say, “The book is fantastic, I’ve just finished reading it for a second time and I love and it will make a superb movie.” She continued,

“David, with your writing the reader feels, just like I was, that we are with you every step of the way.” At this point one of the production team butted in and said, “Look at his face, a smile from ear to ear.” And he was right, I was beaming. This is a dream, it’s every author’s dream to have a book that they have written made into a movie.

During the course of the evening, it was explained to me that the first draft of the script will take around 6 to 8 weeks, then we go through that together, edit, amend where necessary and once it’s complete and we all agree on the final script, then it’s off to the casting companies in London and America to pick a leading man, who will play me and a leading lady who will play Rosa, as the team want to focus on the love story that was developing, as well as everything else that went on in Wrong Place Wrong Time. As the team stated, so much did go on in the book, that the story will appeal to a wide audience, as there is something for everyone in the story line.

The latter part of the evening was spent discussing how I will be part of the team, on location, on the set and even helping to decide on the actors and actresses to play in the film. So, yet again the smile appeared and so did the goosebumps.

Another meeting has been arranged for next week to meet the other half of the script writing team and to further discuss the book to movie project of my, yes my book, a true story that is Wrong Place Wrong Time. One final note, they have requested for me to update them on the WhatsApp group of any further reviews that may come in on Amazon, Waterstones, Goodreads and from my publishing company. All I can say is that the group has been inundated with messages from me as the reviews are received daily from around the world.

If you wish to check out the many 100’s of reviews, click the universal link to my Amazon page!

So, that’s it, a little update of how I am living the dream and I might just post another article after next week’s meeting!


Dreams & Wishes Latest News


Mr Tony Curtis, MBE, Chairman, Dreams and Wishes Charity was delighted that the charity won ‘Best Charity 2018’ at the prestigious ‘The Regional Awards.’ On the night, Wendy Hobbs, Ambassador, who attended the event on behalf of the charity was presented with the award and a cheque for £1,000 from Giovanni who sponsored the award. This is the second award that the charity have won in two months. The charity also won the Cardiff Life Award and they have been nominated for charity of the year in ‘The Elite Awards’ which is taking place next month.


Wendy Hobbs, was interviewed by ‘Inside Newport’ at the Dreams and Wishes, headquarters and she was delighted to talk about the charity which was founded in 2011, by Tony who is also the Chairman. It is a very unique charity as it is run by 100% volunteers and 100% of every penny raised goes to seriously ill children with no deductions or expenses paid to anyone whatsoever. The charity raise funds to grant the dreams and wishes of seriously ill children and their families. Every child’s dream is different, some children want to ride in a helicopter, meet their favourite TV star or have their own playhouse. However, big or small a child’s dream or wish is the charity are dedicated to making it happen.

Claudia Quash Series

Wendy has recently signed a London Publishing contract and ‘Claudia Quash: The Spell of Pencliff’ is about to be relaunched with a new book cover which is very exciting.


Wendy is delighted to be invited back to the HSBC next week for their business lunch and to provide an update on Dreams and Wishes and their two awards. On the day the bank will kindly be raising funds for the charity and every penny raised will go to seriously ill children and their families.


We invite our readers and followers to enter our draw to win 3 SIGNED PAPERBACK editions of the Only One Woman mass market paperback published 24th May.
Signed by Christina and Jane and drawn by 1960s movie star Adrienne Posta on 3rd June.
Enter before Noon 1st June to be eligible. Add your name and answer the question below to enter and send it to the Only One Woman In-box. Winners will be notified by a post on our page.
Good luck everyone.

ONLY ONE WOMAN invites you…

1960s Movie and Singing Star, Adrienne Posta, has agreed to pluck 3 lucky winners from entries to the latest give-away by authors Christina Jones and Jane Risdon. Read on for details:Christina and Jane are excited to be able to offer 3 signed copies of their paperback, Only One Woman, to 3 winning entrants who can correctly answer a question about their novel, Only One Woman. The draw will be made by Adrienne Posta in Buxton on 3rd June 2018.You do not need to have read Only One Woman to be able to answer the question.

Here is what to do:

Submit your full name and answer to the question (shown below) before Noon on 1st June 2018 to enter with a chance to win one of 3 signed paperback copies of Only One Woman, by Christina Jones and Jane Risdon. Do this on the Only One Woman Facebook Page – details of where/how to add this will be posted on the page.This is only open to entries from the UK/Ireland/Northern Ireland at this time.The paperback is being published on 24th May 2018 for stores and libraries etc., and differs from the paperback/e-book for sale on Amazon/Kobo and other digital sites, in that there is a foreword included written by iconic rock singer, GRAHAM BONNET, whose 1968 hit song, ONLY ONE WOMAN, was written by The Bee Gees for him and his cousin Trevor Gordon, when they were The Marbles.

The winners will be drawn on 3rd June 2018 in Buxton, Derbyshire, at a Charity Event in aid of Jessie’s Fund – Music Helping Children. The winners will be notified in a post on the Only One Woman Facebook Page after 3rd June – as soon as we are informed –They will be asked to provide their mailing address later, in a private message, so we can post signed copies to them along with any message they want from Christina and Jane, included with the signing.

The draw will be made by 1960s Movie and Singing Star, ADRIENNE POSTA, who is attending the weekend long event. We hope to have video and /or photos of her drawing the winners which we will post on Facebook.

Winners of the 3 signed paperbacks are invited to send us (upload to the Only One Woman Facebook Page messages area) a photo of themselves with their book soon after it is received, if possible, so we can share their good fortune with everyone.

To enter answer this question:

Which film starring Adrienne Posta, released in 1968, did Stella go to see in Only One Woman?

Only One Woman Facebook Page:

Remember only submissions with the answers posted (where we instruct) on the Only One Woman Facebook Page, will be eligible. So please make sure you look for the details on the page of where to post and how. All entries are to be in by Noon (UK time) on 1st June latest as they will need to be compiled and sent to the event.

Entries from UK/Ireland/Northern Ireland only this time.

Good luck.  Love Christina and Jane xxxx

If you are in Cardiff on 30th May Christina and Jane will be signing copies at Octavos Book Café and Wine Bar, Bute Street, CF10 4AJ, 6pm-8pm and spinning 1960s 45s – bring yours to play as well. They are also signing books in Abingdon Oxfordshire on 9th June at The Book Store, Bury Street, OX14 3QT. Also a 1960s themed event during the morning.




Author Wins Award

Erath County, TX resident, Elaine Fields Smith, was awarded a first place trophy in the nonfiction category at the North Texas Book Festival on 4/7/18 for “Ridin’ Ropin’ & Jumpin’ Over Cars, The Biography of Virginia Reger – A Real Rodeo Star.

With its beautiful cover showing that young woman on a horse jumping over a car, abundant authentic photos and images of unique memorabilia, as well as the genuine stories from an amazing lifetime, the book delights readers of all ages. Virginia was a contract trick rider and roper from age seven well into her thirties and now at age 90, she continues to be an inspiration.

The book is available at CJ Spurs & Thangs, Capital Hatters, on Amazon, and on Elaine’s website at

     If you’d like to do more or talk to me, just holler. 254-967-5672 




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