ToTo Culture x Niah Arts Present “Unspoken”: Mental Health Meets Natural Disasters


To celebrate the launch of “DSM-? A Poetic Revision” We are pleased to bring to you Unspoken, where poetry, photography and visual arts are used to explore mental health in an interactive open space.

Unspoken acts as an extension of “DSM-? A Poetic Revision”. Within the book the author uses poetry to merge various mental health illnesses and natural disasters. The incorporation of photography and visual arts creates an experience powerful enough to spark conversation, whilst taking you on an optical journey.  

The words of talented poet, Tomi Adegbayibi provides the space in which photographer, Niah Martins’ work flourishes. Both artists’ work allow the exploring and challenging of mental health stigmas by making the abstract- visually accessible.

Natural disasters were chosen as they represent “a lack of control”, whether it be a Tsunami in Indonesia or depression suffered by a family member or friend.

The aim is not to put natural disasters and mental health on equal levels. Instead to draw upon the close relationship between the human and its environment.

So, come along and join us at Unit 5 Gallery, The Yard, Yorkton St, London, E2 8NH.

For more information and tickets, please follow the link below.


Press Contact:


Tomi Adegbayibi- 07949740808


Niah Martins- 07432506823







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