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Thursday Greetings from The Writers Newsletter


Just a quick hello to let you know there is a new book on our promotion list

as they say in all the US crime dramas ‘Check this Out!’

Have a good day everyone



Wednesday Messages from The Writers Newsletter

Deadlines Approaching for both The Writers Newsletter and The Young Writers Newsletter

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As from next month the archives in The Writers Newsletter for 2016 will be in the paid members section

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It is time we rewarded some of our contributors and hence introducing a paid section

The majority of the newsletter will still be free to read

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Deadline Approaching for the October Issue of The Writers Newsletter

Just over a week to go before Deadline

Submissions welcome

Short Stories & Essays



Anything you think might be of interest to our readers

Book promotion take advantage of the current price as it increases next month

Paid Member section also being launched in October (to enable us to pay for certain submissions)

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