Breathing Fire on Ghosts (spell included!) by Dave Dutton Fraser

Breathing Fire on Ghosts (spell included!)

I get a few weird looks if not outright scoffs and laughter when I hand out my business card. I do use the term “Wizard” and if that wasn’t enough, under services I put “No Love Spells, Curses or Other Dark Arts”. If the person holds their composure long enough to ask if I am serious they usually are ready to stick me in a padded room when I reply in the affirmative.

Those few, whose curiosity outweighs their need to mock me, will ask if I cast spells and such. That’s when I begin to regret being honest. If I didn’t seem like an escapee from the “Funny Farm” before, I sure do at that point. When, after picking themselves off the floor and asking “Does magic work?” I can only sigh and tell them sometimes or that it depends how much effort you put into it.

The problem is that the majorities of people are uneducated, simple and are used to thinking of magic in terms of Dungeons and Dragons or bad horror movies. Tell them most magic is the same as self-help or success seminars and they get more confused. This whole “visualize it and it will happen” idea being pimped out by so many hucksters and other new age “business gurus” hoisting money from the gullible is a prime example of teaching people spell work. What most entrepreneurs pay these clowns hundreds to thousands of dollars for I do for far less.

Again, I regret being honest and a more spiritual being but I would hate myself any other way. Still I would like to be greedy and without a conscience some days. Usually those days are when rent is due.

I began studying magic (or “magik” to the initiated) when I realized it didn’t matter if you were a priest in a church, a medicine-man with his sweet grass or a bunch of women dancing naked under a moon, it was all the same thing. Any time you ask a meta-physical power, Jehovah, the Moon Goddess or whatever, to affect the physical world, what skeptics call reality, you’re casting a spell. Call it prayer or what have you, it is still spell work with some form of incantation and ritual.

Don’t believe me? Take a closer look at Catholic Mass.

Here is an example. A person goes to church every day and prays to get rich. That person has a better chance of getting rich than most people who don’t and even if you are an atheist I can tell you why. When he enters that church, lights that candle and recites his wish kneeling before an altar something happens in his mind on a subconscious level. The repeated ritual and daily affirmation get his mind trained to notice things he may have over looked before. Perhaps it is putting together a news report on bad weather and the stock market price on grain or suddenly getting that billion-dollar idea but as those with faith say, “God works in mysterious ways”.

Now if you can grasp that idea, spell work does not seem so “loony tunes” any more does it? Most of the spells I give or design for people work on that exact same premise and the success rate can be very high. One of the cases I took when I “rebooted” this career as an Occultist provides a good example of designing such “spells”.

This woman came to me with a problem. She was dating a widower and felt that his ex-wife’s presence was still in the house. I began by asking the usual questions to determine if there was an actual ghost or some unknown entity in the place.

Had she seen anything and if so was she looking directly at it for more than a couple seconds? She replied only out of the corner of her eye and for just a second. Were there sudden changes in temperature and at what times? She sometimes felt a chill go through her at sunset or after dinner. Did objects move on their own, fall off shelves or the wall? How old was the house and what ground was it was built on? A picture fell off the wall, she didn’t know if the nail was in a stud or not and once a glass was pushed off from the edge of the table. It was a farm house and natural gas had been taken from (I assumed) the shale deposits it sat on. Still what made me take action was that she did feel at times there was someone else in the room with her.

From the sound of things l suspected no intelligent paranormal activity or any form of extra dimensional entity. Still the man’s ex-wife had lived for 30 years and in meta-physical terms there was every possibility that her “psychic energy”, acting like a foot print left in the sand, was possible. She just needed a tide to come and wash it away.

I told her to come back tomorrow and I would write her out a spell she could do herself. I did some research and her discomfort was the type of thing that basic candle meditation or “magic” could help her overcome. The first thing she would need to do is keep breathing.

I know that sounded like l was joking but l was very serious about the breathing bit. I therefore included instructions on how I wanted her to breathe. Here then is my spell (in italics) for “Breathing Away Ghosts”:

Take in a deep breath and while you do concentrate on taking not only the air into your lungs but everything around you. Imagine as you breathe in that all the things around you have an energy that bonds to the air as you take that breath in.

Don’t hold it in for long. One or two seconds is enough.

Now when you breathe out imagine the opposite. Imagine that as the air leaves your lungs, like tendrils attached to your soul, the air is reaching out and touching everything around you. Imagine as that breath leaves your lungs it is reconnecting to everything around you. Imagine as the air hits every object (even ones you can’t see) that you can physically feel them with your soul.

Believe it or not this part of the spell comes from Deepak Chopra. It is also helpful in finding objects in a room you misplaced, the right way if you’re lost or even the direction someone took when they left an area.

When you master the breathing part you are ready to try this with candles. You will take a candle and light it in places in the house where you feel most uncomfortable. In strict meta-physical terms, white or votive candles should be used but you can choose any color you want. Particularly if it has a scent you find pleasing or relaxing.

Place the candle and light it in the centre of the room or an area you find most disconcerting. Sitting three to five feet away let your gaze fall upon the burning flame. Think about and concentrate on the way the flame moves and flickers. When you feel ready, add your breathing exercise. Breathe in and out as you mastered previously. As you “feel” the room around you imagine the heat and light of the flame burning away the “energy” or “the presence” that causes your discomfort. Do this for about five minutes.

When you are done and with no bias or negative judgment, try and understand now how your beau’ s deceased felt about that room. Then without the candle do your breathing exercise and imagine your energy attaching itself to the room as you breathe out.

You may have to do this several times over a period of days before it sticks. After the first time, unless it pleases you to do so; you may eliminate the reflection on what the deceased wife may have thought of the room.

I would like to say that after week when I called her to see how things were (something I do with all clients), she happily told me that the ex-wife’s “ghost” was gone. Everyone was happy and I had twenty-five dollars in my pocket so I was sort of happy. It’s my work ethic you should realize that gets in the way of making money.

I studied with this Hexenmiester, an old German fellow named Ray, for about nine months years back and I just can’t see how to not accept his “billing and payment plan”. A Psychic would have taken this job, spent several days working out the financial details while “investigating” the entity and then walked away with around three hundred to five hundred dollars at least in their grubby little hands. No but I have to work like Ray did because I saw him do things that defy logic and science. Darn his Lutheran, Church going and Jesus praying heart.

“Dave” Ray would tell me in his thick German accent that always sounded angry; despite he was the gentlest soul I have met, “we can only charge what people can afford and what they think its worth. You shouldn’t try and make a living off of these things. Jesus didn’t”. It was that type of thinking that resulted in a payment of a live chicken that made my life Hell for about a week.

But that’s another story and twenty-five bucks is twenty-five bucks.


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