Born to Write Workshop, Notes on a Successful Day by Suzanne Lambert


Born to Write Workshop

Your story is waiting, it’s time to be told

So reach for your pens, let the magic unfold


I wish to thank all the wonderful people that attended my first ever creative writing workshop. 

What a wonderful day we had delving into the world of social media and the import role it can play in getting your name known.  We discussed networking and how this can be, not only a great source of information, but a support system during your writing process.

We experienced the power of music and how it can help to stir the emotions as we enter the world of imagination and free our creativity.  It was absolutely amazing to discover how the different sounds and pieces of music created the stories, waiting patiently inside our minds, to be told.

There were fun interactive sessions alongside the hard work of learning and the whole group thoroughly enjoyed their day, as did I.

I believe with all my heart that if you have a story to tell that the world wants to hear or indeed needs to know about then close your eyes, create a quiet space in your imagination, believe in yourself and begin to write.

I look forward to hearing your story.


Suzanne Lambert


Feedback on the day:


Suzanne Lambert has been truly brilliant today.  Thank you so much, you have kept me interested in everything.  You have such passion and drive filled with an interesting way of showing us your many skills, teaching us techniques to use.  I have felt both liberated and enchanted and am now ready to write.  A fun day with a feeling of happy tingling excitement to set us on our journey.


An informative day, learning creative ideas to enhance my writing skills.  Suzanne was friendly and professional building a lovely rapport with the group.  


I have had a fantastic day, had tears in my eyes, on hearing some of the stories.  I have laughed yet realised that writing can be so much fun.  Thank you Suzanne for a wonderful workshop and sharing your expertise with me.


Thank you so much for a very informative experience.  I will work on what you have taught us.  A wonderful lady with a beautiful soul, you have a gift to give the world for all those who need a light to shine.


I have had a fantastic day! Thank you Suzanne, it has been fun, informative and I have learned so much.  The presentation appeared effortless, you were an absolute joy to listen to and I feel very encouraged and inspired.


Deep, personal, meaningful content humorous and lively with no droops.  Content and timing good too.  Show not tell was extremely important for me.

Dr A


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