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Undercover: Crime Shorts by Jane Risdon

I’m excited to announce that I shall be publishing a collection of crime short stories before Christmas 2018 – date to be confirmed – called Undercover: Crime Shorts – which will be published by Plaisted Publishing House.
To date, I’ve been published in 15 anthologies, several online magazines and newsletters, as well as co-authoring Only One Woman with Christina Jones, but this collection is my first outing in my own right and I am so excited about it.
Undercover: Crime Shorts features a few stories which have been published in the past as well as some written especially for this book. I hope it will be enjoyed by readers who have supported me so enthusiastically to date and I hope to follow this collection of stories with another in the New Year.
Most of these stories are female-driven and are told from the female perspective. I am known for having a twist (or two) in my stories and these are no exception. Nothing is what it appears to be. If you enjoy a good yarn and an exciting read this collection is for you.
There is a taster at the end of the book for my crime/thriller, Ms Birdsong Investigates – the first book in a series – which I hope whets your appetite in anticipation of the series I hope to complete in 2019.
Ms Birdsong Investigates features 40 something former MI5 Officer, Lavinia Birdsong, who lost her dream job with Britain’s Security Service when a joint operation with MI6 and her then lover, Michael Dante, goes horribly wrong. She got ‘voluntary retirement’ to keep her pension, and he got Moscow. Settling into the Vale of the White Horse in Oxfordshire she dreams of being accepted back into the fold, of regaining her position and returning to London, and when a young woman goes missing she sees her chance. However, she never imagined that a missing woman would lead her to the Russian Mafia and people trafficking, Ukrainian drug and gun runners or murder. Her dreams were coming true…
I do hope you will keep an eye out for more information about Undercover: Crime Shorts. It will be published in Paperback and e-book (available on most digital platforms).
Ms Birdsong Investigates should be available in mid-2019 – I am writing as fast as I can

BETA Readers Wanted

News from Greg Smith (Author of our Serial Lex Talionis)

For several years now I have been working intermittently on a 2-book historical fiction collection (my first foray into this genre). I have almost completed the first rewrite of Book One and desperately need Beta Readers to look it over for me.

An Australian is given, for his 21st, various items passed on down through the centuries and protected by those relations on his mother’s side. One of these is a diary. At the same time he learns of a sister he never knew he had. Together they set out to research the authenticity of the artifacts, particularly the diary that is purported to belong to a legendary figure long thought to be only fictional. The Aussie discovers he is linked by DNA to this character. At the same time there are those after the treasure thought to also belong to the legend. The ramifications on a country’s history and the followers and believers of the legend stand to be altered forever.

Greg can be contacted here: Greg Smith



Books That Make You is for book-lovers; it features book recommendations, reviews, news, author interviews, and more.

Introducing Books That Make You™, a new home for book-lovers. The bookish brand officially launches this website and several media brand extensions. People can explore book recommendations, book reviews, news, and author interviews on the website.

Books That Make You was created by Desireé Duffy, who also founded Black Château, the marketing and public relations agency that specializes in books and authors.

“Books That Make You is a bibliophile’s dream. The website is a home for anyone who loves books. It’s designed to be a fun and interactive bookish adventure,” Duffy explains.

Books That Make You will support promotions for authors and participate in popular literary events. For example, there are plans to have a Books That Make You booth at the 2019 LA Times Festival of Books.

Books That Make You partners with other media to spread the word about books and authors:

Hollywood Weekly Magazine features a regular Books That Make You two-page spread. The article highlights a different theme each month with book reviews and an author spotlight.

A Books That Make You radio show is being produced for The online station focuses on positive and inspirational music and messages. The Books That Make You radio show showcases authors and allows them to discuss their books.

Books That Make You also sponsors Get Real Global Entertainment’s show Jenny’s Real Talk on the Block, which airs on LA Talk Radio, iHeartRadio, iTunes, YouTube, Alexa, and Spreaker. Host Jennifer Devoe and James Muse (a.k.a. the Muse) interview authors on the show which is renowned for supporting the creative world.

To stay up-to-date, people are invited to sign up for the Books That Make You monthly newsletter. It includes special offers, news, and bookish giveaways.

About the Books That Make You Bookish Brand

Books That Make You is for book-lovers. The website offers book recommendations, book reviews, book news and information, as well as interviews with authors, and bookish contests and promotions. People are invited to sign up for the Books That Make You monthly newsletter to receive special offers. Books That Make You proudly partners with media and book-related events to present books and authors to the public. Find us on Facebook and Instagram, too.



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