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Catherine McCarthy
Catherine grew up in the valleys of South Wales where she went on to teach for almost three decades before taking early retirement to follow her passions which include writing fiction. She is the author of Hope Cottage, a dark and mysterious family saga of triumph over adversity, reconciliation and, well...hope! Penned as a cathartic means of coming to terms with the loss of her own mother it is her second novel, the first being The Gatekeeper’s Apprentice, a fantastical adventure for older children. Her ‘soon to be published’ is a book of short portal stories for adults entitled Door and Other Portal Stories which explores the darker side of fantasy. An absolute joy to write, the collection visits a variety of locations and incidents throughout history and imagines them affected by unexplained forces or creatures of myth. She considers herself very fortunate to be married to a wonderful man who is also an illustrator and animator – a very useful companion to have as an author!
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Huda Tariq
I am a 28-year-old employed female, all the way from Pakistan, have done my Graduation in Botany (Biology) from GCU (Government College and University Lahore) and I am dedicated to serving in the field of Education. I absolutely love to write, all day every day, irrespective of genres or platforms and I love to surround myself with infinite emotions and feelings. Though I am not a Big Famous writer I believe I will be!
May Manoj
I am May Manoj, born in India in 1983. At the age of 4. Soon after, I flew to Bahrain, in the Middle East where I completed my schooling and post- graduation in English Literature. I worked in schools and institutes in Bahrain as a Language teacher, simultaneously writing poetry. I was also a member of the Bahrain Writers Circle and wrote for an international Christian Gulf based magazine. After residing in Bahrain for 30 years, I returned to India to travel world wide and build an international career in writing. I have written a poetry book entitled, ' Rose Garden of Love.'
Patricia Walsh
Patricia Walsh was born and raised in the parish of Mourneabbey, Co Cork, Ireland. To date, she has published one novel, titled The Quest for Lost Eire, in 2014, and has published one collection of poetry, titled Continuity Errors, with Lapwing Publications in 2010. She has since been published in a variety of print and online journals. These include: The Lake; Seventh Quarry Press; Marble Journal; New Binary Press; Stanzas; Crossways; Ygdrasil; Seventh Quarry; The Fractured Nuance; Revival Magazine; Ink Sweat and Tears; Drunk Monkeys; Hesterglock Press; Linnet's Wing, Narrator International, The Galway Review; Poethead and The Evening Echo.
Clara Burghlea
Clara Burghelea is a Romanian-born poet. Recipient of the 2018 Robert Muroff Poetry Award, she got her MFA in Creative Writing from Adelphi University. Her poems, fiction and translations have been published in Full of Crow Press, Ambit Magazine, HeadStuff, Waxwing and elsewhere. Her collection The Flavor of The Other is scheduled for publication in 2019 with Dos Madres Press.
Robert Jennings
Robert Jennings has been writing poetry since childhood. Now that he has retired he is devoting more time toward his writing and hopes to publish a book of poems soon. He tends to write about revelations from observing everyday things and what he learns from nature. When he’s not writing he enjoys creating art and hiking or biking. He lives with his wife in Carmel, Indiana and is a member of Carmel creative writers and a Thursday morning poetry critique group.
Caroline Middleditch
I picked up my pen just last year after retiring, so at 46 I’ve a bit of catching up to do. I’m a mum to a grown-up son and an adolescent Labrador. I work infrequently due to ill health but when I do, it’s as a family celebrant in my local community (makes me feel useful). I support families going through loss, helping them to plan funerals and officiate them. I bloody love doing it! However, consequently, my writing often features death and dying. I’m utterly fascinated by people’s reactions to death considering the inevitability.
Rajnish Mishra
Rajnish Mishra is a poet, writer, translator and blogger born and brought up in Varanasi, India and now in exile from his city. His work originates at the point of intersection between his psyche and his city. He edits PPP Ezine
Jill Culiner
Born in New York, raised in Toronto, Jill Culiner set out to have a life of adventure and discovery, not one of security and comfort. She has since crossed much of Europe on foot, travelled, by bus, train, car or truck throughout North and Central America, Europe and the Sahara, has lived in a Hungarian mud house, a Bavarian castle, a Turkish cave dwelling, on a Dutch canal, in a lonely, and a very haunted stone house on the English moors. Such a lifestyle has meant staying flexible and taking up any sort of work that presents itself: belly dancer, fortune teller, b-girl, translator, fashion model, story teller, radio broadcaster, actress, social critical artist, photographer and writer. She now resides in a 400-year-old former inn in a French village of no interest and protects all creatures, especially spiders and snakes. She loves incorporating her experiences in out-of-the way communities with their strange characters, and very odd conversations into her short stories, mysteries, narrative non-fiction books, and romances.
Ann Privateer
Ann Privateer grew up in suburban Cleveland, Ohio where she took nature walks and often recorded her thoughts. She left her home town for college in California where her writing took on a new slant. Ann's poetry has appeared in the Sacramento Voices 2013 & 2018, Manzanita, and Entering to name a few.
Mason Bushell
Mason Bushell is fully trained chef and barman who love to spend time in the natural world. He turned his love of mysteries and the restaurant world into his Workhouse Restaurant Mysteries. A series centring around Head Waitress and Sleuth Holly Ward and series he hopes to share with you soon.
Paul Richard
Paul Richard is a retired museum executive, curator and consultant to cultural organizations throughout North America. A Vietnam era veteran, Paul is dedicated to helping military veterans re-enter civilian life by expressing their experiences through the arts. With returning veterans, he has recently produced several exhibits including: Exhibits of diverse military tattoos and the stories behind them for the Indianapolis Arts Center and the Kurt Vonnegut Library, the exhibit “22” bringing attention to the epidemic of military veteran suicides, 22 suicides every day, developed with Indiana University, Purdue University, Indianapolis. I’ve been working lately with the past poet laureate of Indiana , Shari Wagner.
Karen Fried
Karen Fried M.A. Spiritual Psychology, Certified: Holistic Life Coach, Intuitive Painting Facilitator, Yoga Teacher, Enneagram teacher and Author.
Ana Mae Dusaran
I am a teacher here in our school. I write essays, poems, and short stories though I am not yet a professional writer. I work every day I am still a neophyte on this, but I really want to develop my skills in writing.
Amelia Chambers
Amelia Chambers lives in the west of Ireland and has had numerous jobs, some of which have been long forgotten. A fan of film, iconic TV series, books, theatre, (especially Shakespeare) and travel, writing is her passion. Her novels, set in the countryside of Ireland and England, are often based on her own travels and experiences with added dramatic flair. She has received five star reviews for her work on Amazon and is currently working on her blog and a murder mystery.
Antal Polony
Antal Polony is a 32-year-old writer born and raised in Oakland, CA. He earned his BA in English from Tulane University, and grew up playing classical piano. He has been published in the literary annual Between These Shores, and in a zine produced by the Shut Up & Write group. He is currently shopping around a book of short stories called Oaklanders. He very much hopes you enjoy his work.
Ginger Cochran
Ginger Cochran is an emerging poet, residing in Denton Texas. She is currently working on her first poetry collection, Doorways, to be published in 2019. To see more of her prose, visit Self Labeled. Ginger is also the founder and director for Envision Arts. Visit envisionartshow.com to learn more.
Joseph Santosh
I am a father of 4 children, age ranging from the oldest 19 years to the youngest at 11 months. Christmas is always an exiting time for me and my family. For kids it's not only about Santa and gifts, but they like the tradition of Carol singing, making gingerbread house, going to Church etc. They like to live the real Christmas Spirit. That's when the idea came for me to write a story about the Spirit of Christmas and wanted to make it appealing even to the 19 year old. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year
Ayushy Jain
Have things to do with words, tragic plots and inspiring endings. Stays 2 km away from Negativity Dares to dream big and courageous enough to make her dreams happen She can't understand how normal people can survive this world without a pinch of madness and holds own dictionary of slangs proudly P.S- A firm believer of love, peace and craziness
Suzy Davies
Suzy Davies is a Children's Author, Young Adult Author, Romance Novelist, Poet and Avid Reader of Books. Her favorite genres to read and review are children’s books, romance novels, mystery novels, young adult novels, literary fiction and classics. She recently appeared on A.P.N TV Media Network's Author Show in The U.S and on the radio show, "The Authors' Show," where she chatted about her work. Suzy is the author of "Snugs The Snow Bear," "Luna The Moon Pig," "Johari's Window," a romance novel and writer's memoir, all on Amazon Worldwide, and more recently, "The Cave," a book inspired by the Thai Cave, exclusively on Smashwords ebooks. Her children's stories are influenced by the work of Beatrix Potter, Raymond Briggs, Rudyard Kipling, Michael Bond, Elisabeth Beresford, E.B.White and A.A. Milne. Suzy collaborated award-winning world acclaimed Artist and Illustrator, Sheila Graber, on "Luna The Moon Pig.” Professor Graber is famous for drawing Paddington Bear, and now Luna! When Suzy isn't behind a book, she likes the outdoors and enjoys communing with nature on the beach or by one of Florida's lakes. The scenery near her Florida home is featured in "Luna The Moon Pig" and a local lake and wood provided the inspiration for the setting of the story. She uses her experience as a published author and novelist together with her teaching and coaching background to help bring on the next generation of writers and to raise the profile of Indie authors.
Patrick Ashinze
Pat Ashinze is a hybrid of two major Nigerian tribes: Igbo and Yoruba. Writing, to him is the only way he can talk without being interrupted. He is fluid in his writings, revolving within the axial stream of poetry, prose and what have you. His works have appeared on The Pangolin Review, Dissident Voice, Vox Poetica, Academy of Heart and Mind, Chicago Record Magazine, Tuck Magazine, I am Not a Silent Poet, Communicators League, Motivating Africa amongst several others.
Amirah Al Wassif
Amirah Al Wassif is a freelance writer. She has written articles, novels, short stories poems and songs. Five of her books were written in Arabic and many of her English works have been published in various cultural magazines. Amirah is passionate about producing literary works for children, teens and adults which represent cultures from around the world. Her first book, Who do not Eat Chocolate was published in 2014 and her latest illustrated book, The Cocoa Book and Other Stories is forthcoming
Rhoda Tripp

Rhoda Tripp has been a lifelong resident of Michigan and as a writer, her previous accomplishments include; technical writing for a manufacturing company, having gossip articles published by the online simulation game, Smeet, and being Editor in Chief for Artlixir Poetry (formerly Writer’s Universe). One of her poems, “The River Rock” will be featured in “Upon Arrival” by Eber and Wein Publishing. An anthology, being published by Line Gauthier in Canada, is featuring three of her works.
She is currently authoring the suspense/thriller novel “10:57.”

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Janey Mac

Fifteen years ago, Janey Mac moved to Sydney from north Queensland, Australia in the hope of replacing vista-ed breadth and height with existential
depth. Working mainly as a sessional teacher in academic pathways programmes, IELTS and, as an education coordinator on Nauru, Janey has
found the door to that depth.

Malika Dickerson

Short bio (from my book jacket): Auntie Liki earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communications from Ohio State University in 1999. She worked for the Columbus Blue Jackets for five years before moving to San Diego, California, in 2005. In 2012, she returned to Columbus, Ohio, where she resides today. This is the first book in a series.

Malika “Auntie Liki” Dickerson first wrote “Dog Gone Shame” at age 8. In 2009, she resurrected four of her most popular books, written between the ages of 7 and 14, serialized them and began preparing them for publication. “Dog Gone Shame: House Dog” is her first published work and the first of five books in the series. The second book, entitled “Dog Gone Shame: Stray Dog” is currently being perfected for publication.

Jacqueline Henry Hill

Jacqueline Henry Hill lives in Southern California. She has published her poetry and essays in Light, A Journal of Poetry and Photography (2017), Minerva Rising (2015), aaduna.org (2015), phati'tude (2010), Reverie (2011), chaparralpoetry (2011), Oasis Journal 2010, 2011, and 2012. Jacqueline published the memoir Jennie Wren, Memories of Mommy in 2014.
She has been a co-editor and contributor to Out of Anonymity, The Journal of The UCLA Writing Project (2014 and 2016). Jackie also enjoys photography, and the images often offer inspiration for her poetry.

J.A. Newman

Coming late to creative writing, J.A.Newman has not let the dust settle. In the last ten years she’s had nine articles published in This England and Evergreen magazines, two short stories published in Cornish anthologies, published her memoir NO ONE COMES CLOSE in 2017 and her debút women’s novel WHERE THERE’S A WILL last month. ( September 2018)

Rob Burton

Rob Burton is currently living and working in China teaching ESL. He has self published a novel, a novella and some academic books via Amazon Kindle. His poetry is something he has kept to himself until recently.

Elaine Fields Smith

Author of several books, Elaine Fields Smith a native Texan, who treasures her friends and sings in both a ladies’ barbershop group and with the community choir. Her most recent book is the biography of Virginia Reger who was a rodeo star in the 1930’s – 1950’s which won 1st place in Nonfiction at the North Texas Book Festival. A documentary based on the book and including interviews with the now 91 year old subject is up for awards at several film festivals. .Her small company, Blazing Star Books, has helped several other authors achieve their dreams of having a quality book published.

Travis McGavin

Travis McGavin is a writer and educator living in Northern Virginia. He uses his writing to overcome tragedy, and to honor his late son's creative spirit. His work has previously appeared in CommNow and Information, Inc.

Scott Thomas Outlar

Scott Thomas Outlar hosts the site 17Numa.com where links to his published poetry, fiction, essays, interviews, reviews, live events, and books can be found. His work has been nominated for the Pushcart Prize and Best of the Net. Outlar was a recipient of the 2017 Setu Magazine Award for Excellence in the field of literature. His words have been translated into Afrikaans, Albanian, Dutch, Italian, French, Persian, and Serbian. He has been a weekly contributor for the cultural newsletter Dissident Voice since 2014. His most recent book, Abstract Visions of Light, was released in 2018 through Alien Buddha Press.

Alec Solomita

Alec Solomita has published fiction in The Mississippi Review, Southwest Review, Peacock, and The Adirondack Review, among other publications. He was shortlisted by the Bridport Prize and Southword Jornal, and named a finalist by the Noctua Review. His poetry has appeared in, Literary Orphans, Far Off Places, MockingHeart Review, Driftwood Press, 3Elements Literary Review, and elsewhere. His chapbook, “Do Not Forsake Me,” was published by Finishing Line Press in 2017. He lives in Somerville, Massachusetts.

Denise Buschmann

D. C. Buschmann is a mostly retired freelance editor residing in Carmel, Indiana, with her bossy miniature schnauzers, Cupcake and Coco. Her work has appeared on four continents, including Rat’s Ass Review, Flying Island, Odd Magazine, Lamar University’s Wise Ass Anthology, Kurt Vonnegut Museum and Library’s 2018 So it Goes, and others. In 2016, she was a finalist both in the Alex Albright Creative Nonfiction Prize contest and in the Pride in Poetry Prize contest. Her first chapbook, Schnauzer Talk, is forthcoming in 2019.

Elaine Sorrentino
Elaine Sorrentino is Communications Director at South Shore Conservatory in Hingham, MA, where she creates promotional and first-person content for press and for a blog called SSC Musings. Her poetry has been published in Minerva Rising, Willawaw Journal, The Writers Newsletter, Haiku Universe, and won the August 2018 Wilda Morris poetry challenge. Her non-fiction piece, “It’s All About Attitude,” took grand prize in the Write a DearReader Contest at reader advisory blog, DearReader.com.
Edmund Byrne

Ed Byrne is a retired professor of philosophy. Over the years, mostly at IUPUI, he published lots of articles and reviews and some books about social, political, and technological issues. Many of these works are available online at philpapers.org and some are accessible at his website www.rethinkjustwar.info. He’s also reviewed books relevant to just war theory, online at MiSRW.com.

Don Kingfisher Campbell

Don Kingfisher Campbell, MFA in Creative Writing from Antioch University Los Angeles, has taught Writers Seminar at Occidental College Upward Bound for 34 years, been a coach and judge for Poetry Out Loud, a performing poet/teacher for Red Hen Press Youth Writing Workshops, Los Angeles Area Coordinator and Board Member of California Poets In The Schools, poetry editor of the Angel City Review, publisher of Spectrum and the San Gabriel Valley Poetry Quarterly, leader of the Emerging Urban Poets writing and Deep Critique workshops, organizer of the San Gabriel Valley Poetry Festival, and host of the Saturday Afternoon Poetry reading series in Pasadena, California. For awards, features, and publication credits, please go to my page. 

Pragya Garg

Born on October 29, Pragya is passionate about writing stories, poetry, coffee and music. Pragya studied commerce and management at Institute for Excellence in higher Education, Bhopal and proceeded to work as Programme Officer at Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai. Pragya strongly believes that story is the best way to express yourself, pain and emotions, suffering and love towards your loved ones.

Matteo F. Ponti

Matteo F. Ponti (1966) lives in Monza, Ph. D in Political Science, he is employed in a hotel as Event Manager.

He writes poetry and prose and manages his own blog 30sdc.wordpress.com

He wrote a novel (2011) entitled "hidden for 30 seconds", self-produced.

He loves the pristine nature, peace, he is interested in interreligious dialogue, oriental philosophies

and meditation. He ventures into Visual Poetry, merging images and poetry with experiments of

HTML, CSS and Javascript programming. He chases every minute of time to write, while commuting.

His thoughts are like bees and vice versa.

Phyllis J. Burton

     I have written three full-length ROMANTIC THRILLERS, which have been published by Matador (an imprint of Troubador Publishing Ltd., Leicester):-


      A PASSING STORM, PAPER DREAMS, and WHEN THE ICE MELTS, (this book was published on the 28th August 2016): all of which have received some 5 star reviews.

I am currently awaiting publication of my latest book of short stories… THE POWER OF LOVE.

I have also written several other short stories, two of which were short-listed in competitions. I also enjoy writing poetry and one-act plays. I produced and directed two of them for a local drama company, and a full-length play (Bedroom Farce) written by Alan Ayckbourn, which was great fun. I was also on the committee of the Grayshott (Hampshire) Literary Festival for a while, before it unfortunately folded.

 Details of my books, and how to order them, some 5* reviews, and my BLOG can be found on my website (above). They can also be found on Amazon:In addition, I have had two romantic short stories accepted for inclusion in two different anthologies: Silly Tree Anthologies and Crossing the Paths of Tellers (Nazar).



Diane Kendig

Diane Kendig’s recent books include the anthology she edited,  In the Company of Russell Atkins and Prison Terms (poems). A recipient of an Ohio Arts Council Fellowships in Poetry and other awards, she has published both prose and poetry in journals such as J Journal, Under the Sun, and Fiftiness.

Fran Spears

I am a 65 year old single woman who has written a book on her early life.  I live in Hobart and have gained my first university degree after I turned sixty. I also spend my time fighting for better health conditions and for women. I am currently studying to become a marriage celebrant.  

Nathan Munroe

Writing is always been my passion, to share my thoughts,expressions; and ideas towards the world to either change it , or move it forward better ; and improve.

I'm 17years old, I study everything on literature every day; to refine talent .

I'm not restricted to a particular genre of writing, I feel at home in any genre ; whether it be the theme of slavery or love!

Marcel Neumann

    Marcelle Neumann is a freelance writer living in Northwest Pennsylvania. She is a member of  the Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators and the St. David's Christian Writers' Association where she won an award for her flash fiction entry in their yearly contest. She is a Pennwriters Inc. member and has an article published in their 2018 February/March newsletter. Mrs. Neuman spends her days fostering cats, writing, remodeling houses, and as a caregiver for her husband who is a disabled navy veteran.


Pat Ritter

Since 1988 Pat Ritter has been writing and publishing books. In 2009 he decided to publish books as e-books.

Writing and self-publishing became expensive especially the marketing end of the business. He experienced little problems with his first book ‘Closing The Gap’ however after writing and self-publishing six other books the printing costs out-weighed the cost of production.

At this stage of his writing he converted from writing true life stories to fictional or better known – storytelling and it’s difficult he will tell you.  Reading is a passion. When reading he tries to place himself in the writer’s seat and endeavour to work out how they wrote the story. He enjoys reading interesting stories filled with passion, desire with a happy ending.

He is also proud to be involved in Operation eBook Drop.

Anna Hammond

93 years of age.

Lived in five states. Indiana is my home state.

Received Bachelor’s Degree from Oakland City University (Indiana)

Received Master’s Degree from Indiana State College

Did additional studies at Indiana University

Taught in English departments in Lynnville and Princeton High Schools

Taught in the English department at Oakland City University

Married twice

One Son.  Three grandchildren.  Seven great grandchildren.

Traveled by motor home to almost all of the states in the U.S.

Crossed the ocean to several countries.

Spent twenty years in retirement in Florida

Reside presently in Cameron Woods Senior Assistant Living in Angola, Indiana

Wrote my first book “Sarah and the Soldier’s Tin Box.”


Evelyn Steward

I was born and raised in southern England.   

 I have written, in some form or another all my life  but took up writing more seriously some thirty years ago.  Since the advent of the internet, Creative Writing groups, I have learned so much more, hopefully improving my writing skills.

I am a fairly prolific writer of poems, and prose in many genres, I write short stories.  I also have novels, WIP in the sci-fi genre, and in the romance line.  My first full novel (as yet still as a WIP) is titled ‘Warshaaree’.  It is completed, awaiting editing, working on a sequel.

My  completed romance novel I characterize as adult romance.  The hero and heroine are more mature than in most romantic tales.  This will have mild profanity and the locale is set in the North American Continent.  My current title is ‘Those Tangerine Hills”?

I have won first, second and other prizes with poems, one being published in local press.  Another in an American Magazine.  I have been Blogging for a few years now, as well.

I currently have three books on Amazon Kindle, their titles are  ‘Hotel,’ ‘The Sand Writer’ and “Ten English Tales.’  ( I also paint).


Anna Banasiak

I'm a poet, literary critic and occupational therapist. My poems have been published in New York, London, Surrey, Australia, Canada

Andrew Paul Grell

Andrew Paul Grell lives in a park in Manhattan with Melody, his wife of thirty years, and their Malti-poo puppy, Cyrus King of Persia.  At 58, he is an “emerging writer,” having been anthologized in American Writers Review and Surprised by Joy.  He is also the author of recently-released science fiction novel SCAPEGOATS: The Goat Protocols (Golden Fleece Press).  By day he uses mathematical models to ferret out fraud, and he gets everywhere by bicycle.

Agnieszka Wiktorowska-Chmielewska

Agnieszka Wiktorowska-Chmielewska – poet, playwright, editor, finished Literary and Art postgraduate studies held in the department of Polish studies at the Jagiellonian University in Krakow.
The author of Poemik “and here, and here” awarded in the competition organised by the City of Krakow on a book poetic's debut in 2014. The book was also nominated to the Golden Point of Poetry Prize in 2015. And author “Szczęściodoły” , “Troika” and “.
Published in collective works, as well as in literary magazines in Poland like: Lamelii, Kozirynek, Migotania, Nowa Okolica Poetów, Tygiel Kultury, sZAFa, Wyspa, Inter, Kwartalnik Artystyczny, Cegła, Gazeta Kulturalna, ArtPapier, Dialog, Afront, Gazeta Bieszczadzka, FUSS, Helikopter, bregArt and others.
She writes radio-plays, songs and arts for children. Audio books which she is author (14 episodes) "The history of children" are available on www.historiadladzieci.pl.

Published i.a.: in Zimbabwe, English, India, Tunisia.

Maddie Marcarelli

Maddie Marcarelli was twelve-years-old when she first started writing The Journey The Only Survivors. At 19, in 2015, she published it with Tate Publishing, who later became bankrupt in 2017. Maddie didn’t give up, and was later published with KDP, (Amazon’s publishing company) in June 2017. In September of the same year, she published the second book of the series, The Journey The Malevolent Curse, and hopes to get The Journey the Terminal Sacrifice, the third and final book of the series, by the end of 2018. She has many other ideas for books and series’, and hopes she has the time to publish them all!


Ifeanyichukwu P. Eze

Ifeanyichukwu P. Eze studied Philosoph at the University of Nigeria, Nsukka. He writes fiction and nonfiction. His works have appeared on : The Single Story Foundation Journal, Expound, Parousia, Brittle Paper, African Writer, Afridiaspora, Tuck, Scarlet Leaf Review, and a few other places. .

He plays on Facebook via bookishpeter@facebook.com. Elsewhere, he likes traveling, teaching, volunteering, and building libraries.

Mazher Hussain Abdul Ghani

Mazher Hussain Abdul Ghani from Pakistan, is a Poet, teacher and councilor. He has master degree in English languages and literature from Punjab University of Pakistan. Since 7 years he is utilizing his experience in teaching English as a second language in international schools and private institutions. Currently he is working in Riyadh Saudi Arabia. The world in which he was born and brought up inspired him to work for human's welfare and excited his soul to dwell deep into the seas of ecstatic words and realms of spiritual poetry. He has published his poetry book (Enchanting Verses of Love) which is a collection of love and spiritual poems. Mazher Hussain Abdul Ghani is a member of World Union of Poets, Pentasy B World poetry and friendship group.

WNWUWorld Union of Poets
Honey Due

Honey Due is a young author who lives hidden away behind a keyboard of sorts. She occasionally peeks out at the world, but usually lets her characters wander the world for her.

She has constant trouble distinguishing between the words 'wander' and 'wonder', but she claims to do both. Admirably, she might add.

Troy DeFrates

Troy DeFrates, I live in northern Wisconsin, U.S.A., where I am avid outdoorsman.  I earned my M.B.A. from Western Illinois University where I found my love of poetry during my studies.  I have a pending publication with the With The Coffee Magazine in their next issue to publish my poem, Weary Is The Child In Us.  Spillwords has recently accepted my poem, Eight Out Of Ten, for publication on July 18th, 2018.  As a budding poet I find great joy in sharing my art with others to make them smile and think.

Sheena Pillai Singh

Sheena Pillai Singh, am a working Professional in New Delhi, India. My hobbies include listening to music, writing poems and short stories. Other passions include Tarot reading and psychic awareness . Few of my poems and stories are published in online magazines. My dream is to write a novel in the coming years

Upalparna Dey

I am  A Writer by passion, a die hard communicator, a traveller & photographer, a gypsy by heart, an avid listener and talker too, a dreamer, a taboo breaker, a stubborn motivator....

I offer motivational & inspirational counselling, a helping hand to humans, support for various social issues that plague our society, writing services which includes blogging, content management, editing, proof reading, promotional writing for digital and non-digital platforms, video scripting, ad-copies, stories, design ideation/ creative designing and more. 


Neetu Malik

Neetu’s poetry is an expression of life’s rhythms and the beat of the human spirit. She draws upon diverse multicultural experiences and observations across three continents in which she has lived. She has contributed to The Australia Times Poetry Magazine, October Hill Magazine, Prachya Review, among others. Her poems have appeared in The Poetic Bond Anthology V and VI published by Willowdown Books, UK,  NY Literary Magazine’s Tears Anthology  and Poetic Imagination Anthology (Canada).

Neetu lives in Pennsylvania, USA.

Donna Galanti

Donna Galanti is the author of the bestselling paranormal suspense Element Trilogy and the children’s fantasy adventure Joshua and The Lightning Road series. She is represented by Bill Contardi of Brandt & Hochman Literary Agents, Inc. Donna is a contributing editor for International Thriller Writers the Big Thrill magazine and regularly presents as a guest author at schools. She’s lived from England as a child, to Hawaii as a U.S. Navy photographer. Donna has long been a leader in the Mid-Atlantic writing scene as a workshop presenter. She’s taught on writing craft and marketing at writing conferences, retreats, regional writing organizations, and colleges and is also a writing contest judge at nycmidnight.com. Donna also loves teaching writers about building author brand and platform through her free training series at yourawesomeauthorlife.com. Visit her at donnagalanti.com

Linda MacDonald

Linda MacDonald is the author of four independently published novels: Meeting Lydia and the stand-alone sequels, A Meeting of a Different Kind, The Alone Alternative and The Man in the Needlecord Jacket. They are all contemporary adult fiction, multi-themed, but with a focus on relationship issues.

After studying psychology at Goldsmiths' London, Linda trained as a secondary science and biology teacher. She taught these subjects for several years before moving to a sixth-form college to teach psychology. In 2012, she gave up teaching to focus fully on writing.

Linda was born and brought up in Cockermouth, on the edge of the Lake District in Cumbria and now lives in Beckenham in south east London.

JoAnne Myers

JoAnne is originally from Ohio, but now calls Texas home. JoAnne is currently writing her 8th and 9th books. Besides having several novels under her belt, JoAnne canvas paints and writes song lyrics. JoAnne believes in family values and following your dreams. JoAnne welcomes author guests on her blog and can be found here:



Stephen Jay

Stephen Jay retired from a successful career in the computer profession and started writing short stories and novellas. Three connected stories were published in The Wrong Time. The Illusion of Guilt features a computer professional as does the first story in The Wrong Time.

Stephen lives near Swindon where he likes to go for long walks to clarify his new plots and sometimes is so engrossed that he literally bumps into other walkers! He is now working on more short stories (without computer people), and a bold science fiction novel to be published in 2018.

Thea Phillips

              Thea was born and bred in Merthyr Tydfil, and attended Cyfarthfa Castle Grammar School.

She married young, and lived on the local Gurnos Estate, and had  three children by the age of twenty. Aware that she had not explored her educational opportunities, she became a mature student, obtaining a Psychology degree from The University of Glamorgan, followed by a Masters' and PGCE at Cardiff University. 

Thea became a practicing Psychologist and lecturer, a career which spans   over thirty years. During this time, she had research and educational papers published, plus some fictional articles and inclusion in two poetry anthologies, 

Unfortunately, in 2007, Thea developed a degenerative eye disease, which  deteriorated rapidly, until she was no longer able to work. 

Finding herself at home, for the first time in many years, she decided to write the book she had always wanted to write: A biography of her Grandfather, Tommy Horton, who moved to Merthyr in 1900 to pursue his fortune. He had led a very colourful, interesting life, culminating in opening the first factory to produce 'condoms' in the UK which opened in 1913. 

Thea got in touch with the RNIB, who were extremely helpful in providing the training and equipment to allow her to write despite her failing sight, 

This new writing career led to "The French Letter King" her first, acclaimed novel. This became the  first volume of a trilogy about her family. 

Since this time Thea has had 24 novels published and is now working on her 25th.

Jane Risdon

Jane Risdon began writing over seven years ago having had a successful career in the International Music Industry which has taken her all over the world working with everything from Rock, Thrash Metal, and R&B/Pop to Chinese Opera. Her work has taken her to North America, Europe, and Singapore: even to Taiwan.

She's been involved in Music Production, Television, Radio, and the Movies around the world.

In 2014 Jane signed a publishing contract with Accent Press Ltd.

Jane's recent co-written novel with award-winning author Christina Jones is entitled 'Only One Woman' published by Accent Press Ltd. Christina and Jane have a shared history of the 1960s and the music scene back then and have written a fictional story about two girls and a lead guitarist whose band is touring and recording in England when they meet. It is garnering rave 5* reviews from men and women.

Christina Jones
  • Christina Jones, the only child of a schoolteacher and a circus clown, has been

writing all her life. As well as writing romantic comedy novels, she

also contributes short stories and articles to many national magazines and


She has won several awards for her writing: Going the Distance was a WH Smith Fresh Talent Winner; Nothing to Lose, was shortlisted and runner-up for the Thumping Good Read Award with film and television rights sold; Heaven Sent was shortlisted in The Melissa Nathan Comedy Romance Awards and won a Category Award; Love Potions won the Pure Passion Award; The Way to a Woman’s Heart was short-listed for the Rom-Com of the Year; and An Enormously English Monsoon Wedding won The Reviewer’s Choice Award.

Christina has written 21 romantic comedy novels:

Dancing in the Moonlight; Going the Distance; Running the Risk; Stealing

the Show; Jumping to Conclusions; Tickled Pink; Nothing to Lose;

Walking on Air; Lavender Lane; Honeysuckle House; Forever Autumn;

Summer of Love; Hubble Bubble; Seeing Stars; Love Potions; Happy

Birthday; Heaven Sent; Moonshine; The Way A Woman's Heart; Never

Can Say Goodbye and An Enormously English Monsoon Wedding.

She has also written and/or contributed to 11 e-book-only novellas/short

stories/compilations: Those Lazy, Hazy Crazy Days; Mitzi’s Midwinter Wedding; Bucolic Frolics; Happy Ever After; Snippets; Shiver; Holiday Fling; Wishing on a Star; Chicklit Lovers Vol One; Chicklit Lovers Vol Three; and the Milton St John Box-Set.

Her latest novel – the love and peace and rock’n’roll 1960s story: Only One Woman – co-authored with Jane Risdon, will be published in November 2017 and is currently available to pre-order on Amazon.

Her next novel – Marigold’s Magical Mystery Tour – will be published in September 2018.

All Christina Jones’ novels are currently available, either in paperback or e-book format, and after years of travelling, she now lives in rural Oxfordshire with her husband and several rescued cats.


Brian Morgan

Short bio - Brian Morgan


Brian Morgan spent 20 years as an accountant and manager for national and international companies in Australia, chalking up some pretty impressive achievements. He opted for this because he could not work out how to pursue his writing dream and feed his family at the same time.

He finally broke out of the business world by starting his own magazines - some regional and some national.  To start, he did all the writing, advertising sales, prepress work, dealing with printers and delivery of the magazines - all with the support and willing work of his wife, Judy.

They also started a printing and publishing business and a seminar and exhibition production company, all within a five-year period. Not surprisingly, he then had a heart attack.

Recouperating, Brian became angry with himself and landed on the doorstep of his local newspaper, where he asked for work - any work as long as it was writing. They gave him a job and his promotion was rapid on a range of newspaper and magazine mastheads.

He collected a stack of national and state awards for journalism, editing and publishing in a 20-year career in that industry. He gained an enviable reputation and genuine peer recognition with titles including editor, editor-in-chief and managing editor.

Twenty years later, he decided (with his wife's encouragement and support) that the time was tight to really chase the dream and work for himself as an author.

Never one to be half-hearted, he threw himself into it and is enjoying a third career right now. Along the way, he collected a prestigeous national literary award, became a sell-out best-seller in the US, the UK and Japan, had his work translated for Chinese, Vietnamese and Japanese readers and mentored writers around the world.

He has eight books in print and more as eBooks, and published books for others.

Brian Morgan has a particular quirk. He tries to leave everything better than he found it. He thinks we should earn our place in our family, our community, our workplace and on this planet. So, he now runs an organisation called Professional Independent Publishing Standards (pipsverified.com) set up to make self-publishing and indie publishing better

Kelli J. Gavin

Kelli J Gavin lives in Carver, Minnesota with Josh, her husband of 22 years and two crazy kids. She is a Writer, a Professional Organizer and owns two companies. She enjoys writing, reading, swimming, and spending time with family and friends. She abhors walks on the beach (sand in places no one wishes sand to be), candle lit dinners, (can’t see) and the idea of cooking two nights in a row (no thank you).Check out Kelli J Gavin on Facebook and on Twitter and Instagram: @KelliJGavin and her blog: http://kellijgavin.blogspot.com/


Nicky Wells

Nicky Wells writes captivating romance and breathtaking thrillers featuring famous (or infamous!) feisty heroes and extraordinary villains. DEAD HOPE is her eighth book and the first published novel in her “Wake Up Dead” themed thriller series, with the next two books scheduled for release through the course 2018 and 2019. Nicky has previously published seven works of romantic fiction both with US publishing house, Sapphire Star Publishing, and independently.


Born in Germany, Nicky moved to the United Kingdom in 1993 and currently lives in Lincoln with her husband and their two boys. She loves listening to rock music, dancing, and eating lobsters. When she’s not writing, she’s hopelessly addicted to reading crime novels by the truck load.


Join Nicky: Blog | Twitter | Facebook | Amazon | Goodreads | Pinterest | Google+

Malcolm Hollingdrake

You could say that the writing was clearly written on the wall for anyone born in a library that they might aspire to be an author but to get to that point Malcolm Hollingdrake has travelled a circuitous route.

Malcolm worked in education for many years, even teaching for a period in Cairo before he started writing, a challenge he had longed to tackle for more years than he cares to remember. 

Malcolm has written a number of successful short stories and has eight books now available. Presently he is concentrating on a series of crime novels set in Harrogate, North Yorkshire. 

Born in Bradford and spending three years in Ripon, Malcolm has never lost his love for his home county, a passion that is reflected in the settings for all three novels.

Malcolm has enjoyed many hobbies including collecting works by Northern artists; the art auctions offer a degree of excitement when both buying and certainly when selling. It’s a hobby he has bestowed on DCI Cyril Bennett, the main character in his latest novel.


Malcolm latest novel, ‘Crossed Out’ was published in January.

Tim Clark

My name is Tim Clark, I am a blogger, a warehouse associate, a happily married man (for 28 years) and a father, from Columbus, Ohio.

I am an occasional and proud contributor to Street Speech, a local homeless advocacy newspaper, and am thrilled to be allowed to write a monthly column for The Wild Word.  There are a few others, that can be viewed on my Contently page, here.

Lannah Sawers-Diggins

Lannah is a wife and mum, grandmother, writer, freelance journalist, photographer, advocate and more. While she has lived in Perth, capital of Western Australia, for most of her life, her childhood was spent in the outback on the family sheep station in South Australia. Lannah is passionate about her family, the outback and writing.  

‘Red Dust Dreams’ has taken around four to five years to complete. However, this has never been a problem as Lannah does not consider it to be ‘work’. Rather a labour of love. She also written chapters for two other books along with many articles. 

In short, Lannah absolutely loves life. And this 62 year young spring chicken feels like she’s ageing backwards! 

Pam Munter

Pam Munter has authored several books including When Teens Were Keen: Freddie Stewart and The Teen Agers of Monogram (Nicholas Lawrence Press, 2005) and Almost Famous: In and Out of Show Biz (Westgate Press, 1986). She’s a retired clinical psychologist, former performer and film historian. Her many lengthy retrospectives on the lives of often-forgotten Hollywood performers and others have appeared in Classic Images and Films of the Golden Age. More recently, her essays and short stories have been published in The Rumpus, Matador Review, The Manifest-Station, Litro, The Coachella Review, Lady Literary Review, The Creative Truth, Adelaide, Canyon Voices, Open Thought Vortex, Fourth and Sycamore, Nixes Mate, Scarlet Leaf Review, Cold Creek Review, Communicators League, Switchback, The Legendary, Scarlet Leaf, Down in the Dirt and others. Her play Life Without was a semi-finalist in the Ebell of Los Angeles Playwriting Competition and has been nominated for the Bill Groves Award for Outstanding Original Writing, along with a nomination for Best Play (staged reading). She has an MFA in Creative Writing and Writing for the Performing Arts and has been nominated for the Pushcart Prize. One of her essays is included in the Adelaide Literary Award Anthology of 2018.



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