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Application to promote

THE HEART TO KILL by Dorothy M. Place
Skills of the Warramunga by Greg Kater
Towards Humanizing Humans: Hopeful Poems by Edmund Byrne
SCAPEGOATS: The Goat Protocols by Andrew Paul Grell
Abby & Holly School Dance by Janice Spina
The Warramunga’s Aftermath of War by Greg Kater
Seven Days to Goodbye: A Trina Ryan Novel (Volume 1) by Sheri Levy
Starting Over: A Trina Ryan Novel (Volume 2) Paperback – August 1, 2017 by Sheri S. Levy (Author)
The Seven Letters by Jan Harvey
For a Fish to Soar by Patrick Wright
Country Life by Jean Hill
Memoirs From The Road To Everywhere: Vol 1 The Road To Rock n Roll by Sebastian Jaymes

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