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My name is Hannah Chadwick. I’m fourteen but will be fifteen in February of next year. I have been writing stories ever since I was five and would cherish the chance to write in the future. The first book I wrote was a book about my auntie’s dog and a magic dolphin, I was five!   Although I usually write novels and books, I have written a poem which was published in a book called “War of Words” when I was eleven. I found the experience absolutely amazing. In my novels, I try to write about topics that aren’t talked about very often; for example, anorexia and other mental heath issues in men. Despite the depressing themes that  I seemed to have spoken about, I also write about romance, fantasy and the idea of childhood. I try to balance the sad/horror with happiness. I enjoy writing newspapers when we do it in school but have never really had the opportunity to do it for the school newsletter or any papers. At school, I believe that I am a hard worker and would work even harder in a place where I get to do what I love. I have recently been learning HTML to try to set up my own website.

I have also uploaded the beginning of my books onto an app called Wattpad. It is a very useful website and app as it allows people to read and give advice on your chapters. I’m still working on uploading more to my chapters and editing them with the help of others

I am looking for work experience in the field of writing. Due to being under eighteen, publishing houses will not allow me to do work experience there.  I am looking for work experience in or around Harlow as it might be difficult for me to get to the desired location if it was more than an hour away.

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